WS02/17NR - Pond Construction

Full Day
Ponds are a great addition to gardens. Understanding how to install pre-cast ponds and liner ponds


Pond Construction


Ponds are a great addition to gardens. Understanding how to install pre-cast ponds and liner ponds, knowing how to choose the type of pump, calculating volume and flow rate are part of a successful construction. Choosing pond plants and fish stock is important to enhance your pond design   


This is a day’s workshop to give good basis and consolidate knowledge of pre-cast and liner pond construction. This workshop will equip the participants with the legislative knowledge and the understanding of how to use install ponds and choose correct pump and filters, understanding which pond plants are suitable as well as correct choice of fish stock

Learning objectives

  • Designing the pond
  • Legislation
  • Choice of pond materials
  • Calculating volume and flow rate
  • Understanding aquatic plants
  • Stocking the pond, what are the suitable fish
  • Maintenance of the pond


  • Understanding how to implement principles of garden design for pond design
  • Understanding the legislation around pond construction
  • Demonstrate skills in pond construction for pre-cast and liner ponds
  • Develop skills of calculating volume and flow rate
  • Develop understanding of pumps and filters
  • Develop understanding of aquatic plants
  • Gain knowledge of fish selection for use in ponds
  • Develop understanding of pond maintenance



Patrick Regnault is a Landscape designer, Registered Horticulturist and licensed Landscape contractor situated in Lismore. He has nearly 40 years of experience in horticulture and structural landscaping.

Staff of Summerland Aquarium will talk about pumps and filters as well as which plants and fish to use in your pond

For further details or booking please contact Patrick Regnault (Northern Rivers Convenor for AIH). All payments to be made via the AIH website

5/5/2017 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Summerland Aquariums 143 Lindendale Road Wollongbar, NSW 2477 AUSTRALIA

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