4th International Skyrise Greenery Conference and Green Urban Scape Asia

ISGC & GUSA Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre

The breadth and depth of the skyrise greenery movement has grown over time across cities. Elevated building platforms, gaps, corners, roofs and even underground spaces have become new planes for land-scarce cities like Singapore.

With this, a diversity of landscape typologies has emerged with architecture and engineering solutions, to meet a range of community objectives, in an evolving symbiotic relationship between cities and nature.

With the fourth edition of the International Skyrise Greenery Conference (ISGC), the conversation of skyrise greenery deepens. It will focus on the topics of resilience, new levels of greening and integrating social needs into urban infrastructure.

The conference also offers an open platform to draw lessons from the challenges nature presents – shaping intents, outcomes and even the bottom line of greening projects. Scheduled for 9 and 10 November at the Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre, ISGC 2017 is the key skyrise greenery conference that you do not want to miss.

Details are at http://www.greenurbanscapeasia.com/conference-information.
11/9/2017 - 11/10/2017

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