Conference Presentation Topics

Horticulturists and Humanity: Responding To The Biggest Issues We Face

Encouraging fundamental changes to the way horticulturists contribute to addressing societal and environmental issues

Abstract The Anthropocene is a new geological era in which human activity is the dominant influence on our climate, the environment, food and agriculture systems and even with history being written into the landscape. Environmental issues such as climate change, urban heat impacts, soil loss and degradation, and water security risks are now urgent concerns for all societies.  These challenges present opportunities for ornamental and production horticulturists presently and in the future. We need to ask ourselves: what is the role of horticulture in addressing and adapting to this new geological era?  How can we best address these emerging opportunities and challenges using best practices of plantscapes, design, architecture and science to increase urban cooling, promote food secure landscapes and build a greener, more liveable world?

Expressions of interest are invited to present discovery/insights and solutions for the following discussion streams:

1. Urban heat mitigation and cooler cities

2. The impact of horticulture on wellbeing: preventive and curative

3. Addressing emerging food security risks through urban foodscapes and proactive use of horticulture

4. Recognising that soil health is the key to plant, human and social health

5. Addressing the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment we live in through the use of plant and ornamental sciences

Modern horticultural best-practices are absolutely fundamental to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are guiding the formation of policy and practice in balancing the needs of our society with the issues and limits of our planet.