2019 Conference Presentations

2019 Presentations from 'Horticulture & Humanity'

The presentations at Horticulture & Humanity in Perth on September 21 2019 were a diverse mix of the best in horticultural sciences, new solutions for a world undergoing drastic change, and ideas for better plant practices and more commercially-demanding clients.

The conference presenters have kindly agreed to share their slides following the conference.

Graeme Sait

#1 Food Security a Critical Issue For Australia In Century 21

#2 The Anthroposcene Consequences And Horticultural Solutions

Graeme delivered a passionate and compelling overview of the reality of current agricultural practices, with some eye-opening facts and figures. Over two presentations and a panel session that had everyone talking, Graeme posed serious questions about the world’s use of chemicals and modern agricultural and horticultural practices.

Emerita Prof. Lynette Abbott

What's Happening In Soil Science And What Does It Mean For Humanity?

Emerging use of DNA sequencing and genomics technologies has allowed soil scientists to unravel how the life in soils depends on its chemical, mineral and biological properties. Maintaining soil carbon levels is crucial to healthy soils, plants and people. Prof Abbott showcased the latest in research with insights into best-practice soil management and care for the world’s most precious resource.

Graham McAlpine

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Food Production In WA - An Example For the Nation?

Graham’s presentation reveals the successes being achieved in Western Australia through the Perth NRM partnerships, in a trying climate and challenging farming conditions. With excellent engagement through the WA Food Future plan, Graham outlines the history of agriculture and the future outlook to 2050 for the productive WA region.

Carole Fudge

202020 Vision How's Your Plant Life Balance - What's Growing On?

Arguably one of the most successful social impact campaigns in the last decade, the 202020Vision has brought together hundreds of influencers and advocates across the greenspace sector. Carole outlines the vision, the successes and the challenges as Australia’s cities strive for 20% more green space by 2020.

Steve Marafiote

Overview of Sundrop Farms Redefining Sustainable Greenhouse Production of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The Sundrop Farms project is unique in its scale, innovation and capacity, and represents the next generation of protected cropping horticulture. As CEO, Steve leads the operations and strategy for Sundrop Farms and shares his outlook on high-tech horticulture in the South Australian desert.

Dr Jane Chambers

Nature Link Perth Linking People, Perspectives and Knowledge to Connect Nature to the City

Dr Chambers is the Director of Nature Link Perth that aims to engage with government, policymakers, councils and scientists to preserve WA’s unique and irreplaceable biodiversity. Dr Chambers shares her extensive engagement and deep partnerships that hace achieved significant successes in fostering quality greenspaces and biodiversity in WA.

Mark Tucek and Marissa Verma

Bindi Bindi Dreaming and Tucker Bush Edible Australian Tucker Bush

Founded by Mark Tucek and Marissa Verma, The Tucker Bush Schools Program gives young Australians the opportunity to grow and learn about native edible species that thrive in our soils and climate, helping them develop ‘nature smarts’ from an early age alongside their peers, and fostering an interest and passion for their food and environment.

Julian Rose

Vertical Gardens & Green Roofs

There are some incredible greenwall installations in Perth and Deep Green Landscaping can take credit for many of the best. Julian showcases the best-in-class designs installed across Perth, including some that reach more than 10 metres in height.

Warren Stephens

Perth Local Government Urban Forestry Context

The goal for expanding tree cover is worthy yet urban plantings are tested by a range of challenges from installation to post-planting care. Warren outlines the state of tree cover in Perth, the connection between wealth and urban tree cover, and how we might find a greener and more sustainable approach to use of trees for the long-term.

Andy Gulliver

A New Twist on Soil Carbon

Civilisations have foundered when they mismanaged their soils, and in this presentation Andy outlines the history of soil management and how regenerative agriculture builds soil carbon. Our collective goal as a society is to build soil health for future generations and Andy shares insights into uses of microbes and practices to build soil health.

Ben Croxford

Rescuing Rare, Recalcitrant and Endangered Plants For Rehabilitating Disturbed Landscapes Including Minesites

As the leader of Nuts About Natives, Ben is tasked with reintroducing plants into degraded mine site and other cleared lands. Many cleared sites vary in the success of natural restoration, and by understanding how to successfully restore an ecosystem with a range of plants, the success rate of revegetation can be increased.