Eco Pillow Advancements

By admin  /  March 9, 2022
By Mark Paul MAIH RH Images/ Mark Paul, The Greenwall Company  In 2005, we were extremely proud to launch the...
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Copper Based Fungicides

By admin  /  March 2, 2022
By Steve McGrane MAIH RH Images/ Steve McGrane What are they? Are they safe for the environment? How to use...
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Green Is The New Black!

By admin  /  February 23, 2022
By Simon Holloway MAIH Images/ Simon Holloway, Vegepod Vegepod has noted that of all 11 years of operation they have...
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Industry Memberships See New Book Reach Fruition

By admin  /  February 16, 2022
By Daniel Austin MAIH RH Images/ Daniel Austin Memberships with multiple industry bodies are one of the most valuable things...
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The Role Organics Can Play Post COP26

By admin  /  February 9, 2022
By Christopher Rochfort MAIH, CEO CORE It’s not easy sometimes seeing the wood for the trees. This could be the...
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President’s Report January 2022

By admin  /  February 2, 2022
Dear Council and Members, I hope you all had a restful Christmas period and had the opportunity to catch up...
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The Renovation of a Historic Kitchen Garden: Chateau Holtmühle in the Netherlands

By admin  /  January 31, 2022
By Andrea Govaert MAIH On a recent visit to the Netherlands, I stumbled on a restored castle complex. It was...
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AIH & AGC Formed A New MoU

By admin  /  January 21, 2022
The Australian Institute of Horticulture and the Australian Garden Council have formed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote...
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Challenges and Opportunities in Horticulture

By admin  /  January 18, 2022
By Jonathan Garner FAIH RH What a privilege we have to work in an industry that is engaged to design,...
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Diatomaceous Earth

By admin  /  January 10, 2022
By Daniel Fuller If you're looking for a broad-spectrum insecticide that is residual but non-toxic, you might want to give...
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