Say It With Flowers – But Probably Not This One..

By admin  /  August 5, 2020
A few months ago we had a little bit of cheeky fun on the socials for Mother’s Day, which is...
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What is Virtual Reality and How Can We Use It In Landscape Design?

By admin  /  July 27, 2020
By Matt Greenwood LEG Designer of Virtual Worlds The way in which we as designers realise, represent and convey our...
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What is a Succulent and What Makes Them Different From Other Plants?

By admin  /  July 22, 2020
By Jackie Warburton MAIH RH0164 (Photos: Jackie Warburton) Succulent plants store water in their leaves, roots and stems and have...
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Are Plants Social Creatures?

By admin  /  July 15, 2020
Unremarkable and largely unnoticed by the many hikers that passed it on their way to higher peaks, there is a...
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Burning The Competition

By admin  /  July 8, 2020
By: Andrew Price FAIH RH0004 (Photos: Andrew Price) Weed growth is a valuable indicator of the health of the landscape....
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Curiosity: What Are Hedge Apples?

By admin  /  June 10, 2020
In Benalla, Victoria, a knowledgeable local horticulturist advised Angie Hamilton and Rupert de Crespigny that the unusual trees on their...
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Assessing the Effectiveness of Urban Heat Reduction From Trees and Plants

By admin  /  June 3, 2020
Many cities and regions across the world have now committed to expanded areas dedicated to greenspace to mitigate rising temperatures...
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Power Plants: Can Electricity Boost Crop Yields?

By admin  /  May 25, 2020
Could electricity help to reduce insect attack, boost yields and enhance the quality of fruit and vegetable crops? A series...
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Member Spotlight: Meet Christian Jenkins MAIH RH0157

By admin  /  May 13, 2020
Christian Jenkins MAIH RH0157 recently became our newest Regional Convenor for the Victoria region. Christian is a highly-regarded landscape design...
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Andrew Prowse Landscape Architect Awarded For the Stunning Cairns Performing Arts Precinct

By admin  /  May 5, 2020
Images: Andrew Prowse MAIH RH0053 The Cairns Performing Arts Precinct by CA Architects, Cox Architecture and Andrew Prowse Landscape Architect...
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