Bushfires: Aftermath Suggestions for Clients

By admin  /  February 15, 2020
By Wayne Van Balen MAIH RH0027, 8 February 2020.   Topic 1: Assessing fire damaged plants to establish whether they...
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President’s Report February 2020

By admin  /  February 13, 2020
Dear Members, I hope your start to the year has been smooth and not affected by either extreme heat, fires...
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AIH Meeting & Talk: Designing & Maintaining Public Gardens

By admin  /  December 18, 2019
By Patrick Regnault FAIH RH   The last meeting of the year saw us at the Gold Coast Botanic Garden....
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President’s Report November 2019

By admin  /  November 28, 2019
Dear Members, We have just recently had our Annual General Meeting in Sydney and I would like to thank the...
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Garden Survival In An Intense Summer Drought: Top 10 Tips

By admin  /  November 27, 2019
Jonathan Garner FAIH RH is the Director of Puddleton Gardens and shares his tips on garden survival as water restrictions...
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Hort Journal: Embedding Sustainability Into Green Infrastructure

By admin  /  October 29, 2019
By Michael Casey MAIH RH0106 This article first appeared in the October 2019 of Hort Journal – visit for...
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59th Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) Awards 21 September 2019

By admin  /  September 30, 2019
MEDIA RELEASE – AIH 59th Awards 21/09/2019   This year’s 59th Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) Awards, was held at...
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President’s Report September 2019

By admin  /  September 10, 2019
Welcome to the start of spring and the lead into the busy run to Christmas. Over the last three months,...
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Focal Points: Iconic Feature Specimens By Designer Trees

By admin  /  September 9, 2019
The use of focal points in design architecture reflects the clever placement of an eye-catching feature in the landscape that...
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An Urgent Need to Rethink What It Means to Be ‘Green’

By admin  /  September 3, 2019
Media Release 03/09/2019   An Urgent Need to Rethink What It Means to Be ‘Green’ Australian Institute of Horticulture National...
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