Facing up to Dracula’s Real Intentions

By admin  /  December 9, 2021
Do you see faces in everyday objects? Our brains are heavily-oriented towards seeing patterns and shapes that help us make...
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President’s Report October 2021

By admin  /  November 17, 2021
Dear AIH council, thank you all for another great month with your continuing support and work with AIH. As we...
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Why Do We Need Pollinators?

By admin  /  November 2, 2021
By Neville Passmore FAIH RH Most of the food crops you can think about need pollination to produce fruits or...
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Re-Vegetation or Ecological Restoration

By admin  /  October 26, 2021
By Patrick Regnault FAIH RH As we become more environmentally conscious, individuals or communities in rural or regional areas may...
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Paliame’s Proud Journey in Australian Horticulture

By admin  /  October 12, 2021
By Paliame Palisah MAIH Paliame Palisah MAIH recently joined us at the Australian Institute of Horticulture as she studies at...
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President’s Report September 2021

By admin  /  October 1, 2021
Dear AIH members, A lot has been happening in the world of late and the interruption to our lives and...
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What is Silica Dust? – Crystalline Silica

By admin  /  September 26, 2021
By Anthony Jenkins MAIH Crystalline silica is found in stone, rock, sand, gravel, and clay, products such as bricks, tiles,...
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The Trials And Tribulations Of A Landscape Horticulturist – To Spray Or Not To Spray – That Is The Question!

By admin  /  September 9, 2021
By Mick O’Brien MAIH RH, Profound Horticultural I remember over 20 years ago as a freshly qualified horticulturist - wide...
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Spanish Moss – It’s Not Spanish And It’s Not A Moss But It Is A Biosecurity Concern..

By admin  /  September 7, 2021
By Gregory Lewis MAIH, Images © Gregory Lewis Some plants attract attention because of their spectacular flowers or tasty fruit...
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Career Focus – Landscape Designer

By admin  /  August 30, 2021
By Gopika Sambantham, SFA Landscape Design. Images/ Gopika Sambantham. Contemplating about becoming a landscape designer? Then read on to find...
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