Member Benefits

Individual Member Benefits

Member Representation

Representation of individual and collective members interests to government and regulatory authorities.

Trade & Work Referrals

Trade and work referrals from public and industry enquiries via the AIH national and regional council officers and service providers.

Concessional Rates at AIH Workshops & Seminars

Concessional rates for attendance at all AIH Workshop and Seminars.

Access to AIH Functions & Events

Access to AIH functions and events at member concession rates and privileges.

Regular Newsletters & Notifications

Regular newsletters and notifications of regional and national matters.

Members Only Access On AIH Website

Members only access area on the AIH web site.

Inclusion on the AIH Website

Inclusion in various pages of the AIH web site.

Advice on Training & Assessment

Company members of Agrifood Skills Australia, providing expertise and advice on training and assessment for industry professionals.

AIH RH Accreditation Program

Entry to the AIH Registered Horticulturist professional accreditation program.

Concessional Rates on Member Insurances

Concessional rates negotiated by AIH with Fitzpatrick and Co Insurance Brokers for member insurances ranging from Public Liability, P&I to Tools, Vehicles, Homes and other insurance requirements.

Concessional Membership Rates For Students

Student Members receive concessional rates of membership to assist in their formative horticulture years of study.

*Inclusion in the (CUGE) Speaker Program

AIH Members visiting Singapore *may be included in the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE) Professional Speaker Program.

Concessional Membership Rates For Graduate Singapore Members

Graduate members of the Singapore Certified Practising Horticulturists professional development program receive concessional membership of AIH on enrolment and confirmation on graduation.

International AIH Membership

Professional horticulturists in a number of international locations including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Pacific Islands are allowed AIH Membership according to the AIH requirements.

Reciprocal Arrangements For Visiting Singapore Members

Reciprocal arrangements and privileges for visiting AIH Singapore members to Australia in all AIH national and regional events, functions and professional workshops.

Horticulturist of the Year*

*Opportunity to be acknowledged in the AIH peer program of ‘Horticulturist of the Year’ in AIH regions and as a finalist in the prestigious AIH ‘Australian Horticulturist of the Year’ Award.

AIH Fellowship & the Golden Wattle Award*

*Conferring the highest awards of AIH Fellowship and the Golden Wattle award for our industry heroes.

AIH Membership Long Service Award*

*Acknowledgement for 15 or more years AIH membership with the ‘AIH Membership Long Service Award’

AIH Award of Excellence & Award of Merit*

*Acknowledgement and recognition by the AIH Award of Excellence’ for services to industry and the Award of Merit for recognition of a horticultural product or service.

Corporate Member Benefits

One Principal Membership & One Staff Membership

One (1) membership for the principal or their representative and one (1) additional staff member who meets the criteria for membership.

One Registered Horticulturist Membership

One (1) Registered Horticulturist membership for either one of the people who meet the membership criteria. This person will be required to meet the requirements for ongoing registration.

Organisation Listing On AIH Website

Logo & Contact On AIH Website

Logo and contact details on our dedicated Sponsors web page and other selected website pages.

One Feature In Greenworld Magazine

One (1) annual feature in Greenworld Magazine.

Organisation Feature On Posters at Industry Expos

Option to have your organisation featured on posters in AIH booths at industry expos.

Discontinued Student Memberships For RTOs

If you are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) your students will receive a discounted student membership.