Membership Changes

Memberships are Changing

At the Australian Institute of Horticulture, we are proud to serve the interests of horticulturists and horticultural enthusiasts in Australia. With a diverse, national community across Australia and with friends in many nations, the AIH has served its members and their networks for sixty years.

In early 2020, the National Council and I took advice on the best ways to increase the value we can deliver to our members. As a member, you are our first priority in how we deliver online and personal experiences in horticulture. The current public health crisis has impacted on the delivery of events in person, but our main goal of promoting success stories of members and your businesses and career stories remains strong.

We have big plans for the year with a renewed focus on showcasing member success stories and providing greater opportunities for members to raise your profile with media commentary, in our Directory and through case studies that promote your business.

Available Memberships

The available membership types will now be:

Friends Of Horticulture – $77 per year
Horticulturist – $330 per year
Registered Horticulturist – $440 per year

New Membership Types

  • Corporate Memberships will remain in place but will now be referred to a Corporate Sponsorships to reflect the commitment of the sponsoring organisations.
  • Retired Members will remain the same as current. Retired Membership is not usually offered for public sale as it is for Horticulturist and RH members that wish to transition to retirement and maintain the use of post-nominal MAIH and RH recognition.
  • The student membership previously offered at no cost for twelve months will be discontinued as we focus on horticultural opportunities for enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Benefits to Members

You may be asking at this point how this improves your experience as a member. Over sixty years, we have seen a lot of change in the horticultural industry in Australia. We believe strongly that there is a real opportunity to focus much more on developing the Institute as a destination for modern horticulture that looks out for the interests of enthusiasts and learners as they transition to operate as professional business people.

Modern career and business pathways are much more dynamic and complex than ever before. A focus on turning helping enthusiasts become professional horticulturists is an opportunity that no other member organization in Australia is working towards. This means that the way we describe our promise to members needs to become simpler and clearer.

The new Friends Of Horticulture Membership enables anyone with an interest in horticulture to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience in our Horticulturist and Registered Horticulturist members. It’s a lovely way of showcasing members and your stories that has already proven to create referrals and business opportunities. We are really excited by focusing on our growing community of horticulturists at a time when people are turning to their gardens and landscapes for solace and wellbeing.

Garden Clubs, Societies and Affiliated Organisations

The new Friends Of Horticulture Membership is perfect for members of related organisations to join the Institute and enjoy the many benefits of community and knowledge sharing.

Transition to New Structure

It is expected that your May 2020 renewal will be under the new structure. There is a strong chance you will see no change in your annual renewal.

Opportunity for Feedback

You can offer feedback on this proposal as a member of the Institute. Your feedback helps guide the transition process. To provide feedback, please complete the form below and we will check against your membership. Please note we are only able to consider feedback from current Institute members.

The National Council, Executive and I are looking forward to helping you create opportunities through the Institute and your membership in 2020 and beyond. We are here to help you achieve the best from your membership.