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Membership Category
Last name First name Post-Nominals Business Name Region  Professional Description Mobile Phone Membership Category
Kirkness, Colin (maih) WA Commercial Grounds maintenance working with people with intellectual disability 0419 196 661 horticulturist-membership
Hancock, David (maih) Perth Plant Propagation Pty. Ltd. WA Perth plant propagation, difficult species. Nursery design. Ecological restoration and revegetation. 0429 095 850 horticulturist-membership
Pierce, Margot (maih) WA horticulturist-membership
Murray, Marina (maih) WA Horticulture 0428 566 527 horticulturist-membership
Barlow, Colin (maih-rh) Gardens From Eden WA Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance, Horticultural Consultation, Horticultural teaching and training, Media including print, radio and television, public speaking and international tour guide. 0422 212 327 registered-horticulturist-membership
Batchelor, Glenice (faih-rh) Bespoke Plants WA Registered Horticulturist 007. General Horticulture/Design, Nursery Management, Turf Management and Natural Resource Management, Revegetation and Environmental Landscaping with specific interest in fodder, timber and saline pastures. Inaugural Member of Therapeutic Horticulture Australia. 0428 371 221 registered-horticulturist-membership
Freimond, Terry (maih) Western Agronomy WA Horticultural consultancy 0438 915 811 horticulturist-membership
Bodenstaff, Robert (maih-rh) The Arbor Centre WA 0148 902 287 registered-horticulturist-membership
Schaffer, Craig (maih-rh) Mulla Mulla Native plants Broome WA Tropical landscape design, Supply of Native Kimberley regional plants. Fields of expertise include – Training programs and workshops, Landscaping – Indoor Plants – Dry tropics Native plants, 0434 003 030 registered-horticulturist-membership
Kirkpatrick, paul (maih-rh) Estate Gardening VIC Horticultural management, education and retail. 0409 361023 registered-horticulturist-membership
Hyde, Nicholas (maih) VIC 0432 505 489 horticulturist-membership
Shurey, Mark (maih-rh) Flow Design Studio VIC Landscape Architect, Horticulturalist, Project Manager, Gardener 0409 910 850 registered-horticulturist-membership
Carlile, John (maih-rh) Justine Carlile Landscape Design VIC Plant Supply, Landscape Design 0400 967 331 registered-horticulturist-membership
Robertson, Gina (maih) New Foliage Garden Design VIC I’m a horticulturist and landscape designer. I love plants and gardens. 0437 172 011 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Casey, Michael (maih-rh) MJC Horticulture Pty Ltd VIC Landscape Design Landscape and Garden Consultancy Green walls and Green roofs 0411 520 796 registered-horticulturist-membership
Chamoun, Fay (maih) Floral Art School of Australia VIC Floristry School Courses – Learn to create beautiful floral designs including corsages, bowl and basket arrangements, posies, tributes and bridal designs. 0403 380 516 horticulturist-membership
Hynes, Chloe (maih) VIC 0402 142 444 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Rivett, Nicholas J (faih-rh) Coordinated Plant Supplies VIC 0427 510 586 registered-horticulturist-membership
Nadeem, Faisal (maih) VIC Trainer and Assessor-Horticulture 0432 929 863 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Cruickshank, Kim (maih) VIC 0417 379 193 horticulturist-membership
Meraviglia-Crivelli, Izabella (maih) Essence Gardens VIC Professional Gardener, providing high quality garden maintenance, consultation and garden refurbishment 0422 684 263 horticulturist-membership
Stevenson, Andrew (maih) VIC 0417 972 831 horticulturist-membership
Stephens, Greg (maih-rh) People And Place Consulting VIC Landscape design, planting design, amenity horticulture. 0417 054 079 registered-horticulturist-membership
Ellis, Lisa (maih) Lisa Ellis Gardens VIC Landscape designer 0400 002 914 horticulturist-membership
Wilson, Spencer (maih) VIC 0418 629 738 horticulturist-membership
Kjar, Jenny (maih) VIC 0488 578 123 horticulturist-membership
Hibbs, Bonnie-Marie (maih) Bonnie-Marie Hibbs – The Gardener’s Notebook VIC My expertise is in Horticultural knowledge, plant photography, editorials, freelance presenting, videography, content creation and more. 0466651810 horticulturist-membership
Kyne, Josh (maih) VIC 0451 283 715 horticulturist-membership
Lane, Damien (none) Midland Insurance Brokers VIC Midland Insurance Brokers has been a trusted insurance advisory firm for over 35 years, specialising in providing Australian small to medium-sized businesses with tailored and comprehensive insurance cover. Our strong relationships with the horticulture industry and key insurers has allowed us to develop policies tailored specifically for horticulturalists. We are a family-owned and operated business and we take great pride in what we do. Our bread and butter revolves around risk management, adapting to change, and delivering honest, simple and unequivocal service and advice to our clients. 0418 501 885 corporate-membership
Wharton, Nadia (maih) Platylobium VIC Landscape Designer and Horticulturist 0409 178 030 horticulturist-membership
Entwisle, Tim (maih) Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria VIC Botanist and Botanic Gardens director 0417 343 416 horticulturist-membership
Van Vloten, Jack (maih) VIC 0425 010 016 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Denyer, Spencer (maih-rh) Verdent Landscape Design VIC Landscape Design, Horticultural Consultancy, Sustainable Landscapes, Wall Gardens, Project Management 0412254650 registered-horticulturist-membership
Johnson, Phillip (maih-rh) Phillip Johnson Landscapes VIC Creative Director – Landscape designer, Construction and Horticulturist 0407 005 392 registered-horticulturist-membership
Johns, Timothy (maih-rh) Harmonic Horticulture VIC 0417 943 447 registered-horticulturist-membership
Mcalpine, Ross (maih) PM & RM Services VIC consultancy 0409 715 327 horticulturist-membership
Brew, Nicholas (maih-rh) Nicholas Brew Gardens Pty Ltd VIC Soft Landscaping and garden maintenance 0408 548 647 registered-horticulturist-membership
Summers, Jason (maih-rh) Remarkable Trees VIC 23 years local government parks management experience now consulting and contracting in relation to tree management and tree establishment 0400 861 703 registered-horticulturist-membership
Jenkins, Christian (maih-rh) Christian Jenkins Landscape Design VIC The services offered start with the Design process. 1. Onsite visit and getting to know your customer. 2.Establishing a design brief 3.Provide concept drawings. 4. Final drawings and 3D rendering. From here Landscaping services are implemented. My expertise in Native plants and their importance to our environment is often established with my clients as well as my love for all plants and their importance in the right setting. We Specialise in Council Permits Outdoor Rooms, Swimming Pools, , Excavation, Drainage, Project Management, Surfaces and Colour Design, Decking, Paving, Concreting, Planting, Themed Gardens. 0405 220 184 registered-horticulturist-membership
Fitzgerald, Lisa (maih) VIC A foundation of extensive commercial propagation and growing experience, pest identification and control, wholesale and retail nursery operations. Evolving more recently toward a passion for sustainable and organic horticulture, rekindling indigenous food and remedies, conservation, knowledge sharing and plant therapy for health and healing. 0403 893 718 horticulturist-membership
Stannus, Gabrielle (maih) Inwardout Studio TAS I am a horticulturist specialising in landscape design and green infrastructure. At Inwardout Studio, my architect partner and I deliver landscape designs for interiors and exteriors, provide expert horticultural advice and develop communication materials targeted to our industry. I write for clients including Hort Journal Australia and Nursery & Garden Industry Australia. My special interest is indoor plants and I currently sit on the board of the Interior Plantscape Association. 0400 431 277 horticulturist-membership
Wyllie, Rick (maih-rh) All About Gardens Tasmania TAS Experienced Designers and Horticulturists: The team at All About Gardens has many years of experience in the gardening and landscaping industry. We offer you top quality workmanship, plus diligence in our work safety practices and keeping up to date with industry standards. 0438 342 213 registered-horticulturist-membership
O’Brien, Peter (maih) TAS Landscaping Design 0488 901 889 horticulturist-membership
Sharp, John (maih) South Australia Currently I am the head gardener, working and looking after a historic 1880’s private estate and garden, located in the Adelaide Hills. +61435854928 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Neindorf, Daniel (maih) South Australia I use experience from learning my craft in the production nursery industry and then arboricultural knowledge to provide horticultural asset management to the government and commercial industries. 0478 121 972 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Oldland, Brett (maih) Colour Me Green Horticulture South Australia Colour Me Green Horticulture, offers horticultural maintenance, advice, planning and design, as well as Open Space Asset Management services. 0414 854 805 horticulturist-membership
Smith, Dale (maih-rh) Prestigious Gardens South Australia My business Prestigious Gardens offers Horticultural and landscaping services which can be anything from; Design and soft scaping advise and consulting Maintenance plans pest management weed management hedging topiary irrigation plans and install plant identification and selection for appropriate sites tree advice and maintenance 0433 379 239 registered-horticulturist-membership
Taylor – Steward, Paul (maih) Perfect Patch Gardening South Australia Over 20 years experience. RHS qualified in UK. Garden maintenance- mowing and edging lawns, pruning hedges, topiary, rejuvenation, espaliade etc, pest and disease identification and control, planting and planting ideas, creative solutions for garden problem areas or working to client specification. Passion for English cottage gardens. 0425 171 021 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Hornhardt, Chris (maih) South Australia 0428 822 979 horticulturist-membership
Hicks, Graham (maih) State Flora Nursery (DEWNR) South Australia 0467 797 715 horticulturist-membership
Berkett, Shane Andrew (maih) South Australia 0402 606 057 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Walladge, Andrew (maih) Berri Native Plants South Australia Specialist suppliers of dry land Australian plants. Landscape design, re-vegetation and horticultural consultancy. 0414 910 521 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Baptiste, David (maih) David Baptiste Garden Design South Australia Landscape Design, Management and Maintenance Services 0418 845 054 horticulturist-membership
Austin, Daniel (maih-rh) South Australia Writer, lecturer, presenter and travelling horticulturist 0491 228 591 registered-horticulturist-membership
Jeffrey, Sandra (maih) QLD South 0412 156 187 corporate-membership
Irish, Annette (faih-rh) Annette Irish Senior Consulting Horticulturist, AIH Fellow (Ret) RH008 (Ret) QLD South Professional Horticultural consultancy and professional development services; besides providing training to the industry and public, AIMS specialises in plant and health assessments and advisory reports including full reports on dominant plant species with specific soil testing for both domestic and landscape projects for land developers and Landscape Architects. My horticultural services company has been operating in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Western districts up to Toowoomba, and even in Cairns since 1998. Annette has lived and worked in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions of SE Asia therefore brings a broad perspective backed by sound scientific knowledge that is readily interpreted and applied by her clients. 0406 824 438 retired-membership
Horne, Elaine (maih-rh) Trewallyn Nursery Pty Ltd QLD South Small Business Owner Production Horticulture . Rose and fruit tree specialist. 0425 787 056 registered-horticulturist-membership
Hawthorne, David (maih-rh) Arbor Active QLD South AQF5 Arborist 0403 477 060 registered-horticulturist-membership
Allen, Jan (maih-rh) Terra ARK QLD South Arboricultural Consultant 0412 529 946 registered-horticulturist-membership
Penfold, Todd (maih) Penfold Projects Pty Ltd QLD South 20 years of industry experience as Managing Director of Penfold Projects, a residential and commercial landscape company. 0419 664 221 registered-horticulturist-membership
King, Arno (faih-rh) Arno King Landscape Architects QLD South Horticultural consultant, green infrastructure, planting design, landscape architecture 0437377458 registered-horticulturist-membership
Skiller, Mitchell (maih) QLD South Working in education with ACS Distance Education. Have been a qualified Horticulturist since 1992 after completing my Associate Diploma in Horticulture at University of Qld Gatton College. 0406 784 019 horticulturist-membership
Williams, Darren (maih) Herbalistics Pty Ltd QLD South Online nursery. Native Citrus breeding, Duboisia breeding. 0405 233 322 horticulturist-membership
Whitby, Dean (maih) QLD South 0410 448 480 horticulturist-membership
Treston, Peter (maih) QLD South Chartered Accountant with a Diploma of Horticulture. I understand the numbers as well as the plants. 0419 022 118 horticulturist-membership
Thenabadu, Ranjana (maih) QLD South I provide my services along with educational knowledge and with the experience. 0470 212 698 horticulturist-membership
Teasey, Euon (maih) QLD South As a Ranger, my daily routine can be quite varied but I have two main areas of focus: horticultural works around the grounds and gardens of our facilities; and active conservation efforts to help in the preservation of a very unique and sensitive World Heritage Area. My focus over the last six months has been helping in the identification and subsequent eradication of invasive plant species in the Wet Tropic Rainforest surrounding Cairns. Finally, education of the public regarding the many plant (and animal) species is a large part of my current role. It brings me great pleasure to impart my knowledge onto others and in turn I learn new things everyday too. 0429 999 646 horticulturist-membership
Solyma, Lara (maih) QLD South 0404 486 086 horticulturist-membership
Ross, Jasmine (maih) Urban Plant Boutique QLD South At Urban Plant Boutique, we source quality plants & designer pots to help people create lush urban spaces. Our focus is on interior and patio spaces. All plants are hand picked for quality and we help people choose the right plant for the right space to ensure they have the most positive experience possible with their new plants. The Boutique was designed to emulate a comfortable home space and we are happy to create tailored displays so that people can visualise our products within their home or business. With our horticultural background and design skills, we are able to help you create an urban space you’ll love and can keep alive through selecting the right plants for your needs and advising on the best ways to care for your new plantscape. We also install a select number of interior and patio plantscapes using our beautiful plants and pots. 0450 982 892 horticulturist-membership
Lewis, Peter (maih-rh) The Red Sea Development Company – Saudi Arabia QLD South Technical Expertise & Experience in all areas of the International Ornamental Horticulture Industry, Plant Selection for Interior / Exterior Horticultural Displays, Skills training of English & non English speaking staff, +61 0413 695 830 / +966 (0) 533781106 registered-horticulturist-membership
Potter, Bryan (maih) QLD South Brisbane North 0404 836 925 horticulturist-membership
Plant, Paul (faih) Paul Plant QLD South Horticultural media – print, radio, video, social media; Horticultural consultant to landscapers and home gardeners. 0437 184 828 horticulturist-membership
O’Brien, Michael (maih-rh) Profound Horticultural QLD South Garden Creation, Renovation and Maintenance. Team of Qualified Horticulturists. Garden writer for local magazines and news papers. Proud suppliers of our brand new range of fertilisers. Fertil8-Gold. 0417 618 203 registered-horticulturist-membership
Notting, Andrew (maih) Ashgrove Landscape Services QLD South Our services include Landscape Maintenance, Construction and design for both Commercial and Residential clients. 0412 047 028 horticulturist-membership
Mawn, Gregory (maih) QLD South 0428 558 969 horticulturist-membership
Mason, John (faih) QLD South Owner of ACS Distance Education and provider of online courses and certification 07 5562 1088 horticulturist-membership
Madsen, Paul (maih) Madsen’s Garden service QLD South care and repair of lawns and gardens 0417 216 087 horticulturist-membership
Hardy, Gavin (maih) Gavin Hardy Designs QLD South Food gardens for home and community. Urban wildlife gardens. Sustainable living educator and mentor. 0479 010 428 horticulturist-membership
Macdonald, Brent (maih) Southern Downs Garden Centre QLD South Brent Macdonald is a horticulturist at Southern Downs Garden Centre in Warwick, Queensland. We focus on plants for cool regions of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 0423 368 325 horticulturist-membership-monthly
French, Benjamin (maih) QLD South 0416 106 608 horticulturist-membership
Drew, Rod (maih-rh) QLD South 0467 413290 registered-horticulturist-membership
Denis, Michele (maih) QLD South 0401 290 773 horticulturist-membership
Crane, Harry (faih) QLD South 0403 498 511 retired-membership
Crabbe, Sharon (maih-rh) Sharon Design Drafting QLD South Sharon Crabbe is a Brisbane based, award-winning horticulturalist and landscape designer with experience ranging from small residential properties to large, high-end commercial and educational institutions. Sharon is a creative problem solver who enjoys working collaboratively with her clients to ensure they achieve a bespoke, functional landscape that meets their budget and needs. Importantly, Sharon prides herself in delivering projects that not only look wonderful upon initial completion but are able to be effectively maintained into the future as well. 0423 151 040 registered-horticulturist-membership
Bryant, Andrew (maih) Victoria Park Golf Complex QLD South Garden Maintenance. Currently employed as head gardener at Victoria Park Golf Complex, one of Brisbane’s busiest function & lifestyle venues. I have about 16 years experience in the maintenance of high profile gardens, predominately working as a gardener at The University of Queensland (St Lucia) but also at the Queensland Cultural Centre, where I began my career as a horticultural trainee. 0451 475 017 horticulturist-membership
Flood, Stephen (maih) QLD South 0438 941 780 horticulturist-membership
Gambie, Graham (maih) QLD South Work for Government owned Corporation Managing Parklands +61417199205 horticulturist-membership
Burnell, Alan (maih-rh) QLD South 0407 458 142 registered-horticulturist-membership
Davidson, Darren (maih-rh) QLD South registered-horticulturist-membership
Bottomley, Andrew (maih) TLCC QLD South Commercial Landscape Construction and Maintenance Services 1300131353 horticulturist-membership
Charleston, Catharina (maih) QLD South 0488 788 691 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Richardson, Ryan (maih) QLD North Long term garden enthusiast +61408784692 horticulturist-membership
Budiarto, Andreas (maih) QLD North Overseas professional, Bachelor of Agriculture (S.P.), and professional horticulturist (MAIH). Focusing on agriculture, horticulture, nursery production, and grounds maintenance. Interested in tropical agriculture, education, and migration. 0401 377 462 horticulturist-membership
Young-Kerr, Brooke (maih) QLD North 0417 204 362 horticulturist-membership-monthly
White, Peter (maih) QLD North 0431 206 394 horticulturist-membership
Mitchley, Matt (maih-rh) The Designer Garden Company QLD North Landscape Design, Landscape Construction and Garden Maintenance 0404 972 235 registered-horticulturist-membership
Wilson, Ben (maih) QLD North . 0431 969 960 horticulturist-membership
Prowse, Andrew (maih-rh) Andrew Prowse Landscape Architect QLD North Landscape Architectural & Urban Design Services, Horticultural Advice, Queensland & Tropics 0413 278 308 registered-horticulturist-membership
Coumbe, Richard (maih) Venetian Macau Limited Overseas 853-62381585 horticulturist-membership
Tan Chee Hian, John (maih-rh) Esmond Landscape and Horticultural Pte Ltd Overseas Landscape Design and Built 65 96200705 registered-horticulturist-membership
Wing, Robyn (maih-rh) NT 0438 850 064 registered-horticulturist-membership
Rowlands, Peter (maih) Rowlands Horticultural Services NSW Sydney Rowlands Horticultural Service is Penrith’s Preferred Landscaper & Horticulturalist A great looking garden can add value to your property, as well as improving the overall style and appearance of your land, so it’s a fantastic investment. If you want to transform your outdoor space with a redesign or tidy-up, then a professional landscaper is what you need. Whether you’ve just moved house and want to put your stamp on the garden, or would simply like to change your existing layout, Rowlands Horticultural Services is here to help. 0419 993 866 horticulturist-membership
Rochfort, Chris (maih) NSW Sydney 0419 621 258 horticulturist-membership
Clancy, Stephen (maih) NSW Sydney 0404 015 957 horticulturist-membership
Chaplin, Mark (maih) NPK Irrigation & Horticultural Services NSW Sydney Highly experienced irrigation specialist, including fault-finding and repairs. Creating unique garden spaces in the urban environment. 0431 136 713 horticulturist-membership
Schofield, Craig (maih) Mosarte NSW Sydney Soft Landscaping and Garden Design 0419 494 800 horticulturist-membership
Clatworthy, Michael (maih) NSW Sydney 0418 233 178 horticulturist-membership
Renu, Robbie (maih-rh) Geckoplantscapes NSW Sydney Greenwall and Green roofs 0412 131 362 registered-horticulturist-membership
Scott-Rogers, Justin (maih) A Greener View Gardens NSW Sydney Professional garden maintenance services, Landscape design and build, online garden product sales, indoor and balcony gardens 0414 443 588 horticulturist-membership
Poulton, Chris (faih-rh) NSW Sydney 0409 747 178 registered-horticulturist-membership
Priem, David (maih) TAFE NSW NSW Sydney Registered Training Organisation 0428 424 234 corporate-membership
PRICE, ANDREW (faih-rh) Jungle Horticulture NSW Sydney Horticultural professional experienced in garden installation and regeneration using a wide range of plant species using the most current effective biological methods 0414 614 749 registered-horticulturist-membership
Prentice, Nev (maih) NSW Sydney Horticultural Property Maintenance 0401 335 000 horticulturist-membership
PRATT, Joan (maih-rh) A1 Gardens And Designs NSW Sydney Landscape design, maintenance and makeovers. +61425300161 registered-horticulturist-membership
Shaw, Nicholas (maih) NSW Sydney Ryde TAFE – Full time teacher. Small acreage farmer 0412 114 344 horticulturist-membership
Pittendrigh, Stuart (faih-rh) NSW Sydney 0411 596 278 registered-horticulturist-membership
Coventry, Simon (maih-rh) NSW Sydney 0413 401 104 registered-horticulturist-membership
Pettitt, Phil (maih) Royal Botanic Gardens and Cenntenial Parklands NSW Sydney Australia’s oldest Scientific Institution in Horticulture , Science, Education and Conservation 0447420173 horticulturist-membership
Pennycuick, Stuart (maih) NSW Sydney 0409 927 529 horticulturist-membership
Cox, Dean (maih-rh) Florascapes NSW Sydney Garden Maintenance, Landscape Construction, Irrigation and lawns. 0414 448 663 registered-horticulturist-membership
Glass, Peter (maih-rh) Peter Glass And Associates NSW Sydney Peter Glass is one of Australia’s most experienced landscape architects and horticulturists. After holding the position of Principal Landscape Architect and Managing Director at Peter Glass & Associates Pty Ltd for over 35 years, Peter now purely specialises in preparing Expert Reports and providing Expert Testimony. Peter has successfully prepared such reports and provided such testimony for numerous matters, ranging from private advice and NCAT to the Land & Environment Court, District Court and Supreme Court. 0414 467 150 retired-membership
Paroissien, Guy (maih) NSW Sydney Arboricultural and horticultural consultancy services 0425 342 051 horticulturist-membership
Palisah, Paliame (maih) NSW Sydney My area of expertise is Conservation of Biological diversity, environmental Science and Biology. 0413 809 581 horticulturist-membership
Owles, Linda (maih) The HauteCulturalists NSW Sydney Garden maintenance since 2002, plant advice for the health and wellbeing of garden and lawn areas including scheduled plant feeding and mulching. Advice on plant selection. Hedging, and trimming up to 5 metres as well as removal of any dead, diseased or crossing branches. 0402 292 660 horticulturist-membership
Crowe, Noel (maih-rh) Berrima Bridge Horticulture Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Noel’s experience brings a range of services with knowledge and experience in both European and Australian plants, encompassing garden and water landscape design to specialist botanical and plant biology knowledge and solutions, commercial vegetable and fruit production delivering best practice for garden and estate care and management covering: Residential – Commercial – Civil – Environmental Consultancy. Project Management, Design, Plant Identification (Botany) & Health (Biology), Irrigation & Hydroponics (residential/commercial), Grounds & Garden Maintenance 0466991247 registered-horticulturist-membership
Carroll, Craig and Daphne (none) Carroll’s Country Gardens and Nursery NSW Sydney Carroll’s Country Gardens Nursery have had two good years of new seedlings from Guy Pierce and have done selections for the future introductions and hybridizing our own new ones. In the past years Craig has worked mainly with yellow diploids and ruffled reds tetraploids. Craig’s knowledge and experience during the past more than 30 years has made him one of the leaders in quality and development of daylilies, irises, camellias, azaleas especially for those gardeners who are collectors and connoisseurs of daylilies, irises and camellias. 0416 221 217 friends-of-the-aih-business-member
Slockee, Clarence (maih-rh) Jiwah NSW Sydney Clarence Slockee MAIH RH is an Ambassador Registered Horticulturist with the AIH. Jiwah is an Indigenous company specialising in cultural landscape and design. We are a team of talented and enthusiastic environmentalists intent on disrupting current methodologies in green infrastructure and green space design. Specialising in the field of horticulture, permaculture, plant thematics and landscape design we have existing professional relationships with a number of organisations within the Sydney Region and ongoing community relationships across New South Wales. 0451 803 013 registered-horticulturist-membership
Shields, Neville (maih-rh) Redgum Horticultural NSW Sydney We are an Arboricultural & Horticultural Consultancy 402558901 registered-horticulturist-membership
Arikkatt, Anoop (maih-rh) V Nurture Green Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Diploma In Horticulture. Specialize in Residential garden maintenance and soft landscaping 0430 410 636 registered-horticulturist-membership
Bernhard, Alfred (maih) NSW Sydney 0408 208 885 retired-membership
Varley, Warwick (maih-rh) Allied Tree Consultancy Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Arboricultural (Level 5 and 8) consultant and trainer 0402 763 414 registered-horticulturist-membership
Varman, David (maih) NSW Sydney 0404 471 291 horticulturist-membership
Bendt, Lucas (none) Open Colleges NSW Sydney Open Colleges offers a variety of flexible online courses, including the Certificate II & Certificate III in Horticulture. 0410 107 214 corporate-membership
Walsh, Genevieve (maih-rh) Potted NSW Sydney Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer 0403 777 245 registered-horticulturist-membership
Batley, Steve (maih) Sydney Organic Gardens NSW Sydney Landscape architect, permaculture designer, educator 0416 229 154 horticulturist-membership
White, Patrick (maih) NSW Sydney 0407 917 204 horticulturist-membership
Bici, Salih (maih) NSW Sydney ARTSCIENCE LANDSCAPES- Design, Construction and Maintenance 0420 722 468 horticulturist-membership
Whiteley, David (maih) Shorescapes Landscaping NSW Sydney Garden maintenance, Soft Landscaping, Horticulture Consultant 0408 440 408 horticulturist-membership
Whitfield, Julie (maih) NSW Sydney Landscape advisory only. Expertise in local government, bush regeneration. 0407 261 067 horticulturist-membership
Aquilina, Joanne (maih) Therapeutic Gardens NSW Sydney 0407 799 449 horticulturist-membership
Wood, Amy (maih) Open Colleges NSW Sydney horticulturist-membership
Anderson, Michael (maih) Botanica Nurseries NSW Sydney Botanica Nurseries is one of Australia’s leading wholesale nurseries. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have within the horticultural and landscape industry, our tagline ‘Discover the Difference’ is backed by our commitment to excellence, both in customer service and the quality of the plants we grow. 0409 905 646 horticulturist-membership
Young, Helen (maih) Helen Young Horticulturist NSW Sydney Horticulturist with 30 years experience. Specialising in garden consultations and plants supply in Sydney (north and east). Garden writer (The Weekend Australian and Gardening Australia magazine). MAIH, MAILDM. 0412 610 139 horticulturist-membership
Van Balen, Wayne (maih-rh) Van Balen Horticultural NSW Sydney Wayne is a qualified and experienced horticulturist who can make a real difference to the presentation and health of your garden. He has a vast knowledge of native and exotic plants, and can take your garden from plan to finish and continue to maintain it to a high standard – achieving the design intent. His specialist areas are in garden renovation and restoration, but he also specialises in plant supply with industry knowledge developed over 33 years. 0417 944 955 registered-horticulturist-membership
Ting, David (maih-rh) David Ting The Garden Guide NSW Sydney Water Feature Specialist Garden and Water Feature design and construction Garden lighting find me at 0418 211 216 registered-horticulturist-membership
Bush, Gregory (maih) NSW Sydney 0406 446 216 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Burke OAM, Don (faih-rh) CTC Productions NSW Sydney Media, plant development & consulting 0415404232 registered-horticulturist-membership
Silk, Christina (maih-rh) Christina Silk Office of Planting NSW Sydney Landscape Architecture; Planting Design 0409 604 464 registered-horticulturist-membership
Simpson, Stephen (maih) Simpson Landscapes & Consultants Pty Ltd NSW Sydney WE are quite diversified but mainly construct large open space landscapes works working with the likes of Landcom, Stockland, DM Roads and councils in NSW. We also landscape and maintain large homesteads. 0418 232 620 horticulturist-membership
Slade, Rick (maih) NSW Sydney 0412 248 581 horticulturist-membership
Sleijpen, Judith (maih) Gardens, Balconies and Beyond NSW Sydney 0417 685 780 horticulturist-membership
Crowley, Tig (maih-rh) Tig Crowley Designs NSW Sydney Tig has established a reputation for his intuitive sense of design, marrying natural forms and ecological principles with climate-wise design and regenerative land management practices. Our landscape portfolio includes unique private gardens, larger commercial projects and public space, coastal and rural properties and homestead gardens designed to suit the requirements of our clients. We achieve aesthetically refreshing, elegant and practical solutions using exciting structural design features and stunning plant selections. 0407 660 049 registered-horticulturist-membership
Smith, Karen (maih) Gardens on the Go NSW Sydney A horticulturist with a broad range of experience. Karen is the Editor of Hort Journal Australia Magazine, President of the Interior Plantscape Association, International Plant Propagators Association and an active member of the Horticultural Media Association Australia . She is also a horticultural advisor, trainer, radio presenter, public speaker and MC. 0425 349 137 horticulturist-membership
Stratton, Susan (maih) Susan Stratton Landscape Architect Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Registered Landscape Architect, Arboricultural Consultant AQF Level 5, Horticultural advice 0419 970 580 horticulturist-membership
Thyer, Peter (faih) Tree Valuation Services NSW Sydney Peter has specialised in the monetary valuation of amenity trees. He developed the Thyer Tree Valuation Method in 1985 for trees growing on public land. He is now semi-retired but continues to do research and development of tree valuation. He is a Fellow of the AIH. 0427 494 200 horticulturist-membership
Brouwer, Wayne (maih) NSW Sydney TAFE teacher 0421 596 441 horticulturist-membership
Swain, Adrian (maih) The Other Side Landscapes NSW Sydney In 2003 we made a commitment to nurture quality residential gardens throughout the Sydney area, and that is what we have been doing ever since. We provide expert horticultural advice for new or established gardens. We assess plant performance and can advise on remedial works required to give your garden a lift. We take a holistic approach to the garden maintenance, aiming to not just conserve the existing garden but to continually improve the growing environment. 0407 006 852 horticulturist-membership
Bones, Karen (maih) BCSA NSW Sydney Private garden maintenance Hunter Valley 0419 132 446 horticulturist-membership
Blatchford, Justin (maih) EXO Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd. NSW Sydney Master Planning, EIA – townscape & visual development assessment, Parks, Streetscapes & Gardens, Council Approvals & Liason, Roof Gardens, Swimming Pools & Water Features, Sustainable & Climate Change Landscapes, Towards Allergy Free Landscapes, Contract Management 0458 200 927 horticulturist-membership
Thomas, Stephen (maih) NSW Sydney 0412 288 717 horticulturist-membership
Thompson, Fraser (maih) Gardens By Fraser NSW Sydney Gardens by Fraser was established in 2019 and is owned and operated by Fraser Thompson. ​ Fraser has over 10 years’ experience in the horticulture industry with a Diploma of Horticulture and a broad range of experience in areas such as nursery plant care, landscaping, large-scale public garden maintenance, public art projects and residential and commercial garden maintenance. ​ The aim of Gardens by Fraser is to weave a love of nature with hard work, top quality horticultural expertise and a commitment to first class customer service. 0410 525 859 horticulturist-membership
Nicol, Jason (maih) NSW Sydney 0407 223 499 horticulturist-membership
Gibbs, Meredith (maih) Australis Tree Management NSW Sydney Arboricultural consultancy and reports 0407 103 895 horticulturist-membership
Paul, Mark (maih-rh) Ex-Parrot Pty Ltd t/a The Greenwall Company NSW Sydney Greenwalls, green roofs 0299692682 registered-horticulturist-membership
Lambert, Bryce (maih-rh) Urban Grounds and Gardens NSW Sydney Commercial Landscape Maintenance. Specialising in Green infrastructures including Green walls and roofs. Sustainable Landscape Designs and Consultancy. 0415 409 633 registered-horticulturist-membership
Kenworthy, Craig (maih-rh) Sydney Landscape Consultants NSW Sydney We provide AQF Level 5 Arborist reports and landscape design for Development Applications(DA). Sydney wide, Illawarra. Our clients can engage us early in the design phase to prepare Preliminary tree assessments to aid in the design of a development in accordance with AS 4970 -2009, Protection of trees on development sites. We also provide tree compliance and certification as per Conditions of Consent. We are AQF 5 Arborists, Horticulturists and Landscape Designers working within Sydney and all over NSW. 0432 965 678 registered-horticulturist-membership
Elliott, John (maih) NSW Sydney 0412 369 458 horticulturist-membership
Eckardt, Stephen (maih) Green E Roses NSW Sydney It’s all about the roses! Third generation rose grower at Green E Roses. Varieties, care, talk, experience with 20+years working full time at Green E Roses nursery selling potted roses including bush, climbing, ground cover, David Austin, heritage, new release standardized and weeping roses. 0416 201 745 horticulturist-membership
Kirton, Meredith (maih-rh) NSW Sydney Garden design, horticultural consultancy 0417 698 559 registered-horticulturist-membership
Koukkoullis, Georgios (maih-rh) Open Colleges NSW Sydney registered-horticulturist-membership
Cunningham, Josh (maih-rh) All Outside NSW Sydney Landscaping, Land Management and Sports Turf 0418 567 486 registered-horticulturist-membership
Landsdorff, Tania (maih-rh) NSW Sydney Horticulturist and landscape documentation in Sydney’s northern suburbs 0411 860 635 registered-horticulturist-membership
Keating, Lyndall (maih-rh) Garden Society NSW Sydney Garden Society is a garden design and horticultural installation and maintenance company. Our goal is to make the garden of your dreams a reality. Together, we will explore new plants, design principles and efficient ways to care for your garden which will bring it to a beautiful maturity. 99710798 registered-horticulturist-membership
Last, Kylie (maih) NSW Sydney Education 0414 739 264 horticulturist-membership
Laughlin, David (maih-rh) The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney NSW Sydney 0457 762 943 registered-horticulturist-membership
Laver, Roslyn (maih) NSW Sydney 0409 924 638 horticulturist-membership
Laws, Glenyss (maih) Glenyss Laws – Consulting Arborist NSW Sydney AQF Level 5 & 8 Consulting Arborist, specializing in Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports, Tree Risk Assessments & Tree Valuations 0402 435 384 horticulturist-membership
Lee, Hunter (maih) NSW Sydney 0419 205 651 horticulturist-membership
Lepold, John Adrian (maih) Green Cities Horticulture Australia NSW Sydney I provide consultation services for Urban Horticultural projects. This includes Garden Design (residential and commercial), plant selection and substrate specifications for urban locations: street plantings and WSUD (water sensitive urban design), green roof installations etc. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, and a Master of Urban Horticulture degree. 0481 363 203 horticulturist-membership
Kendrick, Richard (maih) Landscape Pave Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Horticultural advice , large scale lawn and garden maintenance 0417 402 160 horticulturist-membership
Farrar, Nicolas (maih) NSW Sydney 0401 908 090 horticulturist-membership
Desmarchelier, Adam (maih) Outdoor Interests NSW Sydney Garden maintenance, Arboricultural services 0413 274 401 horticulturist-membership
Home, William (maih-rh) Dr Treegood NSW Sydney 0418 979 922 registered-horticulturist-membership
Govaert, Andrea (maih) NSW Sydney 0449 901 934 horticulturist-membership
Hanna, David (maih-rh) Botanica Nurseries NSW Sydney Botanica Nurseries are a Gold Sponsor of the AIH 0417 651 641 gold-sponsor-botanica
Garner, Jonathan (faih-rh) Jonathan Garner Horticulture NSW Sydney Onsite training, mentoring and consulting 0417 460 704 registered-horticulturist-membership
Harris, Douglas (maih) NSW Sydney 0411 051 198 horticulturist-membership
Gadd, Kath (maih) Mallee Design NSW Sydney horticulturist-membership
Holloway, Simon (maih) Vegepod NSW Sydney Vegepod is the world’s number one self-watering and canopy-protected raised garden bed. They come in various sizes and mobility options whilst being distributed in over 20 countries. Vegepod has received multiple global awards such as the prestigious Royal Chelsea’s ‘Garden Product of the Year’, the USA’s peer review Golden Shovel ‘Product of the Year and Australian Business Awards for ‘Product Excellence’, ‘Product Innovation’ and ‘Community Contribution’. Apart from being stocked in over 200 garden centres around Australia, Vegepod is heavily involved in both therapeutic horticulture and sustainability initiatives. Vegepod are also SmartWaterMark approved. Manufacturer + Optional Installation & Education Services for Vegepod garden beds 0404 770 088 corporate-membership
Fretwell, Scott (maih) NSW Sydney 0436 110 659 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Jenkins, Anthony (maih-rh) NSW Sydney Landscape Designer, Registered Horticulturist, Licenced Landscaper, Project Manager, Teacher / trainer, Sydney Wide 0418 467 584 registered-horticulturist-membership
Howard, Tyler (maih) Horticultural Services by Tyler NSW Sydney I have had extensive experience in many aspects of garden maintenance, including topiary, hedging, weeds management, bedding displays, pest and disease management, plant nutrition management and propagation. My expertise is with Australian native gardens, cottage plants and potted plant/orchid collections. 0434 099 576 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Huynh, Tammy (maih-rh) Leaf An Impression NSW Sydney Hi, I’m Tammy. I’m a horticulturist, writer, plant stylist and presenter. I love all plants, except fake ones #saynotofauxfoliage. 0434 196 254 registered-horticulturist-membership
Freimanis, Edgar (maih) Ecohort Pty Ltd NSW Sydney 0418 162 970 horticulturist-membership
Fraser, Nicholas (maih) NSW Sydney 0424 832 090 horticulturist-membership
Jackson, Ross (maih-rh) Jacksons Nature Works NSW Sydney Ross Jackson M.A.A. & M.A.I.H. Consulting Arborist Nos. 1695 Diploma Horticulture (Arboriculture) – AQF Level 5 Certificate III in Horticulture Certificate in Horticulture (Landscape – Honours) 0418 414 502 registered-horticulturist-membership
Jansen, Jeffrey (maih) NSW Sydney 0411 207 457 horticulturist-membership
Lester, Cameron (maih) Outdoor Space Pty Ltd NSW Sydney Landscape Contractor 0418234753 horticulturist-membership
Lai, Margaret (maih) NSW Sydney 0400 023 839 horticulturist-membership
Lightfoot, Jonathon (maih) NSW Sydney 0439 470 304 horticulturist-membership
Mogensen, Sven (maih) NSW Sydney 0414 751 368 horticulturist-membership
McBeath, Stephen (maih-rh) NSW Sydney Horticultural Consultant, Garden design, Garden Maintenance, landscaping 0418869199 registered-horticulturist-membership
Allison, Peter (maih) NSW Sydney 0418 287 272 horticulturist-membership
Davies, Michelle (maih) Creative Finishes by Michelle NSW Sydney Diploma in Landscape Design Certificates and Advanced Certificate in Floristry 0402 133 140 horticulturist-membership
McAlister, Dion (maih) NSW Sydney Team Leader Horticulturist (Local Government) 0428 330 323 horticulturist-membership
Davies, Richard (maih) NSW Sydney Turfing and aftercare with attention to detail Garden Design Garden Revamps Maintenance with Pride 0434 947 017 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Mason, Darren (maih) andreasensgreen wholesale nurseries NSW Sydney I have been working for Andreasens Green Wholesale Nurseries for over 36 years. As the Sales Director, I have worked in collaboration with a large number of industry professionals and iconic projects from the landscape industry. I also mentor and speak at a number of events sharing my professional experiences and knowledge. 0418811142 horticulturist-membership
Mettam, Louisa (maih-rh) Mettamorphic NSW Sydney Mettamorphic: Residential and Commercial Landscape Architecture, specialising in resorts, animal facilities, playspaces, detailed planting schemes and planting for biodiversity. Hort4Kidz: Gardening and sustainability themed educational workshops for children. 0412 238 484 registered-horticulturist-membership
Merrick, Brian (maih) Brian Merrick Retail Mentor & Consultant NSW Sydney Providing business improvements to Garden Centres & retail operators. Consulting, Mentoring, Training, Marketing and Merchandising 0499 571 272 retired-membership
Momi, Tony (maih-rh) TAFE NSW NSW Sydney TAFENSW Head Teacher of Horticulture – Padstow Campus 0450 190 650 corporate-membership
Morrison, Mark (maih-rh) Morrison’s Gardens NSW Sydney Design, install & maintain gardens 0409 201 063 registered-horticulturist-membership
Dagger, Edwina (maih-rh) 3DL Landscape Consultants NSW Sydney 3DL Landscape Consultants was established in 1997 by Edwina Daniell and Colin Dagger. The consultancy specialises in Horticultural design and management, Landscape design, Construction detailing, and Environmental Resource Planning. With over 40 years of experience working in the Horticultural and Landscape Construction Industries, 3DL provides practical on the ground solutions for all your needs. 0455 024 080 registered-horticulturist-membership
Derkatch, Andrew (maih) NSW Sydney I provide landscape design, planting selection and identification, as well as creating maintenance manuals for large scale landscape projects. 0409700408 horticulturist-membership
Martin, Brandon (maih) Thrive Horticultural Planning NSW Southern Highlands Brandon is the director of Thrive Horticultural Planning. His specialty and passion is horticulture, providing thorough garden designs for garden and property maintenance, as well as garden maintenance programs. He strives to thrive in everything he does and provides consulting services in the Wollondilly and Southern Highlands. 0499 304 560 horticulturist-membership
King, Hazel (faih) NSW Southern Highlands horticulturist-membership
Fletcher, Graham (maih-rh) NSW Southern Highlands Retired in 2015, but willing to provide AIH with whatever educational input is required. 0418 215 898 registered-horticulturist-membership
Faulkner, Brian (maih-rh) NSW Southern Highlands Garden maintenance, specialty pruning 0411 265 801 registered-horticulturist-membership
Whiter, Brent (maih-rh) NSW Southern Highlands registered-horticulturist-membership
Anderson, Nigel (maih) Roots & Rocks Horticulture NSW Southern Highlands Well rounded Horticultural experience in residential garden maintenance, design and construction to help customers apply the fundamentals of Horticulture to get the most out of their garden be it aesthetics, produce or therapy. 0427001199 horticulturist-membership
Maitland, Luke (maih-rh) Native Grace Landscapes NSW Southern Highlands Specialist Native Plant Nursery, Designing Sustainable Gardens, Installation and maintenance, Nursery Consultant 0427 377 432 registered-horticulturist-membership
Dunlop, Leonie (maih) NSW Southern Highlands 0415 339 229 horticulturist-membership
Nichols, Michael (maih-rh) Turf 2 Trees Horticulture NSW Southern Highlands We manage and maintain acreage landscapes in the southern highlands of NSW. We consider ourselves estate custodians and curators providing a holistic, high-quality service that caters to all of your landscape and property management needs 0404 689 925 registered-horticulturist-membership
McDonald, Julieann (maih) Modulate Equine & Horticultural Pty Ltd NSW Southern Highlands Horticultural Consultancy, project management and landscape design 0411 056 631 horticulturist-membership
Thane, Peter (maih-rh) Beau Jardin Landscape Design NSW North Coast Landscape design 0417 054 443 registered-horticulturist-membership
McGrane, Steve (maih-rh) NSW North Coast 0402 122 660 registered-horticulturist-membership
Neale, Kate (maih) Dr Kate Neale – Southern Cross University NSW North Coast Researcher | Educator | Writer | Advocate – of the benefits of horticulture for individual, community and society. 0413 874 663 horticulturist-membership
Sole, Angela (maih) Sustainable Plant Design NSW North Coast Sustainable Plant Design translates your ideas into a designed space with best choice plants and landscape construction to enliven outdoor rooms and gardens, to School grounds and Business landscapes. Experienced licensed Structural Landscaper together with qualified horticulturist specialist in antique, frost and water hardy plants. Hard and soft landscaping services include: concrete paths and drives, retaining walls & drainage, concrete slabs & garages, rock walls & pergolas, decks, car ports & sheds, irrigation systems and lawns & planting. 0427 753 258 horticulturist-membership
Steer, Sue-Anne (maih) NSW North Coast 0488 356 264 horticulturist-membership
Schafer, Janelle (maih) Janelle Joy Schafer NSW North Coast Byron Community College Horticulture Trainer, and Permaculture Trainer at Permaculture College Australia in Nimbin. Concurrently conducting research in Myrtaceae at Southern Cross Plant Science. 0449 667 446 horticulturist-membership
Regnault, Patrick (faih-rh) Interactive Landscapes NSW North Coast Our aim is to create beautiful gardens that bring people and place together. We listen to what our clients want and use our expertise to create the best possible environment: places that are beautiful to be in and respectful of our surroundings. 0408 429 646 registered-horticulturist-membership
Ferris, Greg (maih-rh) NSW Mid-North Coast 0427 617 895 registered-horticulturist-membership
Schaible, Hans (none) Dark Star Orchids NSW Mid-North Coast Located on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Dark Star Orchids is a leading supplier of rare, unusual and exotic orchid species and hybrids. Offering a wide selection of orchids which suit novice growers to experienced collectors and enthusiasts alike. 0416 195 832 friends-of-the-aih-business-member
Petersen, Wendy (maih) NSW Mid-North Coast 0408 001 957 horticulturist-membership
McTyer, Vanessa (maih) NSW Mid-North Coast Horticulturalist with background in plant propagation, nursery production and sales, horticultural training and natural area restoration. 0417 111 409 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Percival, Marc (maih-rh) AgriSense/ The Biological Gardener NSW Mid-North Coast Plant Nutrition, Soil Care, Integrated Pest, Disease and Weed Management Regenerative Horticulture Organic/ Biological Gardening and Land Management 0409185680 registered-horticulturist-membership
Tetstall, David (maih-rh) Merivale NSW Mid-North Coast Group Horticulture Manager. Oversee the maintenance of existing venues and installation of new venue and people management. 0404 850 630 registered-horticulturist-membership
Stuart, Coralie (maih) Coralie landscapes NSW Mid-North Coast Horticultural consultation, landscape design and construction 0430 333 249 horticulturist-membership
Pierce, Kris (maih-rh) Spade Total Garden & Lawn Care Pty Ltd NSW Mid-North Coast Horticultural Design, Installation and Maintenance 0423 979 697 registered-horticulturist-membership
Lantry, Tom (faih) Hunter / Central convener,Fellow AIH. 2017 AIH Horticulturist of year 2017. NSW Hunter & Central Coast 0403 076 093 retired-membership
Murphy, Bill (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Coastline Horticultural Projects : Environmentally conscious garden management and development 0422 100 863 horticulturist-membership
Williams, Stephen (maih) Hunter Horticultural Services NSW Hunter & Central Coast AQF 5 Consulting Arborist. Tree assessments and reports. 0409 559 147 horticulturist-membership
Milekovic, Belinda (maih) Gnome Yard Care NSW Hunter & Central Coast Gnome Yard Care is based in Newcastle and maintains gardens to be enjoyed by all. Services include; hedging, planting, weeding, pruning, and mulching. We limit the use of chemicals where possible. 0427 130 827 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Lantry, Thomas (maih) Tom Lantry’s Total Garden Service NSW Hunter & Central Coast LANDSCAPING, GARDENING, HORTICULTRAL ADVICE, IRRIGATION, TURF CONTROL 0432 712 522 horticulturist-membership
Lane, Paul (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Horticultural maintenance, Garden design, Irrigation installation & maintenance. Part time Tafe teacher. 0434 340 296 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Moon, Michelle (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Entry level of expertise. 0458 111 791 horticulturist-membership
Wrigley, Rachel (maih) Malabar Botanical NSW Hunter & Central Coast Horticultural business located in Central West NSW. Plants and accessories, Horticultural consultancy, Horticultural Therapy. 0419 129 516 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Crichton – Walsh, Susan (maih) dirty girl designs NSW Hunter & Central Coast Horticultural advice, planting design, landscape design and construction management services 0412 523 985 horticulturist-membership
Gerakios, Matthew (maih-rh) Phyton Australia NSW Hunter & Central Coast Urban Horticultural Consultant 0403 888 593 registered-horticulturist-membership
Donnelly, Ruth (none) Coachwood Nursery NSW Hunter & Central Coast Coachwood Nursery – Located in Somersby, NSW just north of Sydney and a quick 2-minute drive off the M1. We are a unique family-operated nursery and organic farm that offers quality succulent plants, indoor plants, dried flowers, and a range of seasonal organic produce to the public at an affordable price. For decades we have sold rare plants at various garden shows around Australia. 0491 157 448 friends-of-the-aih-business-member
Bury, Mark (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast 0400 485 878 horticulturist-membership
Thomas, Mark (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Trainer/Assessor Horticulture and Landscape Design, Landscape and Horticulture Consultancy and Design 0421 800 910 horticulturist-membership
Smith, Erika (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Currently teaching @ TafeNSW. I offer a range of Horticultural knowledge and enjoy working within this industry. 0425 285 628 horticulturist-membership
Taylor, Elizabeth (Lyz) (none) KINSPIRIT Iris & Daylily Farm NSW Hunter & Central Coast KINSpirit Iris Daylily Farm NSW Australia is a 100% Australian-owned farm growing and selling Tall Bearded Iris, Louisiana (Water) Iris and Daylilies (Hemerocallis). We also sell succulents & farm-fresh seasonal cut flowers online and at local markets and events. The farm is run by Lyz and John Taylor. 0474 539 836 friends-of-the-aih-business-member
Collard, Rob (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast horticulturist-membership
Steele, Justin (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast 0427 703 422 horticulturist-membership
McCallum, Lesley (maih) NSW Hunter & Central Coast Education 0418 258 686 horticulturist-membership
Harding, Gabriele (maih) ACT Horticulture teacher 0458 244 111 horticulturist-membership
Scholtens, Paul (faih-rh) ACT 0468 941 504 registered-horticulturist-membership
Bryson, Rick (faih) Rick Bryson Tree Surgeon & Horticulturist ACT hedge & shrub trimming, small & medium tree surgery, general garden maintenance, assistance & advice, a special love of Japanese & cottage style gardens 0414 279 766 horticulturist-membership
Hynes, Mark (maih) Territory Horticulture ACT 0417 691 792 horticulturist-membership
Fuller, Trevor (maih-rh) Dimension Gardenscape ACT Dimension Gardenscape offers true project integration. We can show you how good design choices can result in better outcomes for lifestyle, efficient construction and ongoing maintenance, as well as cost savings in the long term. Our Canberra landscapers have a broad range of skills at hand, both within in our team and within our collaborating contractors, so your project can include, for example; hardscape and softscape, irrigation, carpentry, electrical work, all coordinated into the one project. 0412 437 418 registered-horticulturist-membership
Warburton, Jackie (maih-rh) Terra Solarus ACT I am a horticulturist and provide services for fruit tree pruning, pest and disease control, planting and specific horticultural garden services. I provide horticultural consultations and treat Elm trees for Elm Leaf Beetle. 0414 845 238 registered-horticulturist-membership
Edmondson, Timothy (maih-rh) Get Growing Pty Ltd ACT Waterharvesting expertise/ Living Aquifer Landscapes, Biodynamic consultant and educator. Intimately connecting people with the harmony of Nature, creating exponential natural growth in exquisite landscapes 0409323685 registered-horticulturist-membership
Menzies, Ian (maih) Ian Menzies Design ACT Nursery, Trade, Landscaper, Consulting, Landscape Design 0414 309 797 horticulturist-membership
Tuinenburg, Steve (maih) ACT 0423 347 666 horticulturist-membership-monthly
Tingey, Samuel (maih) ACT Certificate III in Horticulture, currently doing garden maintenance and minor landscaping. Previous background includes the ANBG nursery as well as organic farms and vineyards. 0411 716 058 horticulturist-membership
Thomas, Kim (maih-rh) Riverina Institute TAFE NSW ACT 0427 261 665 registered-horticulturist-membership
Kain, Emma (maih) ACT Horticultural consultation, design and maintenance Of cool climate amenity gardens and fruit and vegetables 0405 178 677 horticulturist-membership
QUEENSLAND, TAFE (none) TAFE Queensland offers a range of horticulture courses in specialisations including landscaping, production nursery, turf management, parks and gardens, and conservation and land management. Studying horticulture can set you on the path to becoming a greenkeeper, landscaper or park ranger as well as opening up a range of generalist horticulture roles in nurseries, parks, and gardens. 0408133875 corporate-membership
Heerkens, Joep (maih) Edible Garden City +65 9094 4985 horticulturist-membership
Oliver, Chris (maih) Wilburnia Fruit and Flowers 0422 521 434 retired-membership
Purtell, Brent (maih-rh) Edible Garden City Specialist design, build and maintenance of edible gardens throughout Singapore, with a strong emphasis on public workshops, social projects and education +65 9084 8743 registered-horticulturist-membership