Overseas Membership

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Ideal for those outside Australia wanting to maintain an enduring connection to Australian horticulture as general or registered horticulturist members.

Our partnership with Singapore has become increasingly important in offering training and education experiences in partnership with **CUGE.

If you require assistance please contact members@aih.org.au

** CUGE is the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology.

Choose your membership level

Singapore Certified Practising Horticulturist

$ 175 per year + $0 join fee
  • Education and training partnership with CUGE
  • Share your expertise
  • Strengthen your Singapore connections​

Overseas General

International Members
$ 300 per year + $100 join fee
  • For members outside Australia
  • Share your expertise
  • Access the benefits of General membership

Overseas Registered Horticulturist

International Members
$ 400 per year + $200 join fee
  • For members outside Australia
  • Share your expertise
  • Access the benefits of Registered Horticulturist

Exclusive Member Benefits


Build your connections in Australian horticulture! Professional horticulturists in a number of international locations including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Pacific Islands are allowed AIH Membership according to the AIH requirements.

*Concessional Membership Fees

*Graduate members of the Singapore Certified Practising Horticulturists professional development program receive concessional membership of AIH on enrolment and confirmation on graduation.

*Inclusion in the CUGE Speaker Program

AIH Members visiting Singapore *may be included in the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE) Professional Speaker Program.

Reciprocal Arrangements

Reciprocal arrangements and privileges for visiting AIH Singapore members to Australia in all AIH national and regional events, functions and professional workshops.