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President’s Report March

President’s Report March

Dear Members,

February has been a hot and busy month for myself and no doubt many of you as you commence the working year in earnest.

The National Council will have its first official meeting on 8 March. In the interim, Kim and I have been in discussions with our preferred insurers who have renewed their commitment to our organisation in providing economical and discounted products. We look forward to a productive ongoing relationship with Fitzpatrick and Co. for the benefit of all members. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or our Secretary, Mr Kim Morris for a referral to the appropriate operative.

Thanks also to Kim Morris for his liaison with David Thompson, our website manager who has also been refining our database and will, within the next couple of weeks be launching our upgraded website. This is very exciting and David is gaining great pace with his improvements and innovations.

As many of you are already aware, your institute has been involved at the Consortia level in the PlantSure project which is a scheme to eventually reduce the sale of ornamental weeds. On 23 February, an important stakeholder meeting was held at Parramatta to investigate the concepts and address questions critical to the selection of a successful mechanism and scheme. The article reprinted in this report sets out a little more detail. It is important to note that once instrumental, this scheme could be considered for national application.

The Plant Collector’s Fair, sponsored by our institute, will be held in Sydney in April. This is a great chance for members to meet and welcome new members and students. In addition, the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) will be held in March. Another great opportunity for members to gather, liaise and encourage new designs and ideas and potential new members.

Nic Rivett FAIH and our Melbourne convener, Michael Casey, will be having meetings in Melbourne in the next couple of weeks relating to our Urban GreenScape award winners Far East Consortium (FEC). I am aware that several of our regional groups are meeting to refine workshop topics for the year and I look forward to reporting those very promptly on our website.

I would also be very pleased to hear from individual members who have workshop ideas or requirements.

Kind regards


President’s Report February

President’s Report February

Dear Members

Happy New Year! And may it be a rewarding year professionally and in your businesses.

Our secretary, Kim Morris has been working hard with David Thompson, our website coordinator to build upon and streamline our new database and website. The objective is that members will be able to enjoy improved access to required information. In addition, improved profiling of our members will be a useful marketing tool.

This week I hope to complete our annual programme of events, member gatherings and workshops. Our Regional Conveners are working hard to finalise topics, speakers and venues. The calendar will be published on the website.

Further to our discussions at our Annual Awards weekend, we have approximately 17 regions supported by Regional  Conveners. Our objective is to run between 2 and 5 official CPD workshops per region, depending on the size of the region over the next 12 months. This will be in addition to regular member and guest gatherings being held in some areas such as Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Canberra. If you are in an area where you would like to see a structured regional co-ordination established, please let me or the Secretary know.

Some of the thoughts and opinions expressed at our meetings included: greater enhancement of the Registered
Horticulturist programme;

  • further develop our alliances;
  • greater networking opportunities;
  • greater Social Media accessibility;
  • focus on strategic and succession planning; and
  • enhanced marketing of the benefit of using members to the public and industry.

Members should not forget one of the main benefits of membership of the Australian Institute of Horticulture: It is a stamp of responsible professionalism. Members are responsible amongst their peers and to the code of ethics and in my mind this always instills client confidence and adds worthy value. Other benefits such as networking, awards for student and member excellence, communications and continuing professional development are just some of the other reasons why we are members.

I am just back from a weekend on the Gold Coast where we had a wonderful gathering of Gold Coast members and guests. A big thank you to Councillor Patrick Renault MAIH, Mr John Mason FAIH and Sid Dyer for organising the event at the Nerang Community Gardens, and also to John and Leonie Mason for sponsoring the event and holding a wonderful barbecue lunch at their home in Worongary.

Sid is a life member of Irrigation Australia and one of the founders of the Community Gardens. Sid and his associate, Neil Ross, kindly offered the gardens as a venue for workshops and meetings if and when it suits our purposes. I was excited to be at the inception of this new group and we will be able to welcome some new members as a result.

Kind regards Wayne