An Urgent Need to Rethink What It Means to Be ‘Green’

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An Urgent Need to Rethink What It Means to Be ‘Green’

Australian Institute of Horticulture National Conference & Awards, Perth September 21 – 22, 2019


The Australian Institute of Horticulture’s, ‘Horticulture and Humanity’ conference will explore how human activities can affect positive changes in our climate, the environment, food and agricultural systems.

John Rayner, Assoc. Prof. and Director of Urban Horticulture at The University of Melbourne commented “It is important that the AIH is presenting this conference topic. It recognises that horticulture is not just cosmetic but is a functional profession to help with cooling cities”.

The challenges that come with changing climate and evolving ecosystems present opportunities for innovation and problem solving by ornamental and production horticulturists. Conference speakers will outline practical and innovative ways that industry professionals and other interested people, can contribute to minimise, and ameliorate the impacts of human activities.

Topics are being presented by in one main forum, followed by break-out sessions and panel discussions and include:

– Reversing the decline in urban tree cover
– The daily dose of Biophilia
– Mining rehabilitation
– Canopy cover and in WA’s local government areas
– Successful rooftop gardens and green walls in WA’s climate
– The future of food growing with new farming technologies
– Food security in the 21st Century Australia
– New perspectives on re-vegetation with local area natives
– How can Horticulturists help moderate human effects on our planet?
– Tucker Bush and Bindi Bindi Dreaming – a new partnership linking traditional foods

The conference is being opened by a Welcome to Country by Professor Simon Forrest.

The 59th AIH Awards & Gala Dinner, to be held on September 21st, will be hosted this year by Logie award winner, Costa Georgiadis.

On Sunday, September 22nd a bus tour of the Perth horticultural wonders has been organised to top off a wonderful 4 days of learning and camaraderie.

Therapeutic Horticulture Australia will be running a two-day conference ‘Better Together’ September 19th and 20th, prior to the Australian Institute of Horticulture conference. AIH and THA will share the same venue, Aloft Hotel in Belmont. This is worth considering when making your plans.


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