Brittany Webster: AIH Student Of The Year

Brittany Webster is the 2017 recipient of the AIH STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD. We did the interview below during the Award weekend in Windsor NSW.

Where are you from and what lead you to horticulture?

I grew up on a sugar farm near MacKay in North East Qld and always loved the feeling of being in nature. After high school I studied for an Arts degree in Townsville but could not find a way to apply it in a fulfilling manner.

I thought of horticulture as a way to combine science, creativity, my desire to nurture and to love nature.

I worked for three years for Mackay council in the Parks and Gardens department and in the last year studied for my Cert III Horticulture.

I had the chance to be mentored in Parks and Gardens by Donna Jackson and from the nursery department by Sue McCormack who encouraged me to develop my passion and skills.

After Parks and Gardens, I worked on the beach regeneration program of Mackay Council and from there to the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens where I have been for the last year.

In what way will the AIH Award help you?

I believe it will help me obtain the internship to the National Tropical Garden of Hawaii which is a three month stint in different locations in Hawaii.

I also want to share the Award with the Mackay Botanic Gardens and my mentors. I hope this will enthuse the younger emerging horticulturists in the Mackay region.

How do you see your future unfolding?

I want to develop the use of endemic flora in gardens of North East Qld. I am making a series of posters with drawings of garden escapees becoming environmental weeds to educate the public.

I want to explore how best to give a voice to nature by combining my passion and understanding of horticulture, Art and Literature.

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