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By Gopika Sambantham, SFA Landscape Design. Images/ Gopika Sambantham.

Contemplating about becoming a landscape designer? Then read on to find out more about the profession. If you are already in the landscape field as an apprentice studying horticulture, construction or have a design background or someone who loves gardening, plants, and nature then this career path will fulfill your desire if you are committed. Also, if you believe you have artistic flair and interest then becoming a designer might be a career path worth pursuing.

Who is a Landscape Designer?

A Landscape Designer and Landscape Architect have similar roles. They both provide professional help to solve site-specific landscape problems, consider surrounding climatic conditions and progress local council approvals. They assist in achieving a dream outdoor space that fits into client’s lifestyle. Having knowledge of the local flora and fauna plays advantage to this role in this era of climate change.

Services Provided by Landscape Designers

A landscape designer is knowledgeable in design principles, the latest landscape products, plants, landscape styles, construction, council approvals and permit. They work with clients to achieve their vision for their garden/outdoor space.

Landscape designers provide consultation services, design and documentation, plant selection and approvals of documentation applications for CDC (Complying Development Certificate), and DA (Development Application) for existing & new built homes and commercial spaces.

How Can They Help?

They serve the community by maximizing the client’s budget and saving time in doing the right thing from the start of the project. In other words, Landscape Designers provide a blueprint for a client’s vision of their outdoor space.

Employment Opportunities

Self-Employment If you have a passion for design and an interest in gardening but have to juggle parental and carers responsibilities then this career will suit you.

Horticultural Business Some nurseries offer design services to entice customers to buy more from them.

Landscape Contractors Who have license and take on big projects might need help with designing. This can be in-house or freelance opportunities.

Architectural Design Firms Big planning firms will need landscape architects/designers to prepare local council approval drawings, commercial landscaping, and design for affluent clients.

Urban and Town Planner Also seek landscape Architects/designers for streetscaping, playscape and civil landscaping. Developers and Builders To prepare council drawings and individual client’s residential landscaping.

Government A highly-experienced landscape architect/designer is sought out for government projects by local, state, and federal government.



Career Progress and Earnings

“All big things start with small beginnings”
(unknown quote)

Landscape designers who can obtain part time or full time employment should earn a professional salary. An established landscape designer/consultant may charge from anything low to particularly high for the design work. Career progression depends on being able to bring your creativity, unique design flair and exceptionally good knowledge about the industry.

How to Stand Out

To stand out from the competition, be extraordinarily good and knowledgeable in a specific landscape style, for example, tropical gardens, contemporary gardens for residential designs and children’s playgrounds, parks, and therapeutic gardening for commercial spaces.

If you are working for someone learn to upskill yourself in a specific landscape style.

“Best of luck wherever you are at your life journey.”

As a professionally trained Architect, I tend to turn to nature to get inspired for designs. Gardening is my interest, so inclination towards designing outdoor space appeals to me more than any other design aspect. As an Architect one day, I would love to design a space that balances outer and inner space impeccably, zero carbon footprint and a lifestyle changer.

Signing out – A Real Dreamer,

Gopika S


Gopika Sambantham is a Landscape Designer at SFA Landscape Design. Low maintenance garden design specialist. Provider of time saving and efficient landscape/garden design that promotes quality of life.

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