Conference Update, Annual General Meeting and Council Position Nominations

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Update On The 2020 Conference and Awards

Like many organisations, our Council and conference committee has faced the difficult decision of proceeding with the conference or otherwise. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 challenge remains an ongoing problem across the country and we have now made the decision to postpone the conference due to be held in Sydney on October 30 until October 2021.

The Awards will be available for online viewing and this will provide an easy way to join us in sharing the successes of our 20202 Award Winners.

Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting for 2020 will take place on Friday October 30th 2020 at 4.00pm AEST via Zoom webinars.

Download Notice of Annual General Meeting AGM 2020

Register To Attend The Annual General Meeting via Zoom Webinar (Current Members Only)

AIH Members are invited to join us at the AGM and dial in via the Zoom platform to participate in the meeting. Please complete the form below and we will send you the webinar login details prior.

Nominations Open For Council and Councillor Positions

Most positions on the Institute’s National Council run for a two-year term. At the AGM the following positions are up for re-election and are open for member nominations.

  • AIH National President (2-year term to AGM 2022) – currently Michael Casey MAIH RH
  • AIH Secretary (2-year term to AGM 2022) – currently Matt Mitchley MAIH RH
  • AIH National Councillors (total of 6 positions x 1- year term to AGM 2021)

We encourage eligible members to submit a nomination to secure the leadership of our vibrant, growing and influential organisation.


Download Election Nominations 2020