Destination Horticulture: Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is world-famous as the premier destination for horticulture, with a history stretching back centuries and a collection that is absolutely priceless.

Kew Gardens is, like many historic venues, under real pressure as visitor numbers dwindle in the UK under the pressure of COVID-19.

That’s why offering virtual tours can bring you to amazing places like Kew Gardens without leaving home. Our Destination: Horticultures series aims to take you to beautiful places that are otherwise off-limits for some time.

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Temperate House

Visit the incredible glasshouse that houses tropical specimens in cool climate London.
The Temperate House, opened in 1862, and is a show house for the largest plants in Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.




Image Credit: Daniel Case via Wikimedia Commons


Princess of Wales Conservatory

In the Princess of Wales Conservatory, you can walk through 10 climates – wander from the tropics to the desert.






Arboretum Nursery

Trees start their life here in the brand new state-of-the-art Arboretum Nursery.

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