“I’m Lovin’ It!”: Disney World Florida Unveils Incredible Branded Greenwall Store

McDonald’s has unveiled its brand new, energy-neutral flagship within the grounds of Disney World Florida, aiming to build the world’s first net-zero fast food restaurant.

The building features incredible greenwall planting as well as outdoor gym equipment as McDonald’s continues to innovate and shift its perception in the market as a more sustainable, customer-friendly restaurant chain. Installed by Seattle-based greenwall company Sempergreen USA, the building brings the famous arches to life with classic golds and greens of the foliage, spanning over 2000 sq.ft. of living greenwall plantings.


Image: sempergreen.com/us


The designers used plants such as Ruellia and Tradescantia that are well-suited to Florida’s warm, tropical climate, providing cooling and heat absorption that helps to reduce the need for electricity-based cooling systems.

The greenwalls are monitored and supplied with the right levels of nutrients and water through a web-based interface that keeps the plantings looking fresh and healthy.


Image: sempergreen.com/us


The iconic single-pitched roof also hosts more than 1000 sq.ft. of solar panels that contribute to clean energy generation, producing 600,000 kilowatts annually.

These design features make the store a rich learning hub for applying next-generation integration of plants, hardware and software systems for low-carbon building design that enhances the experience of the store and contributes to positive perceptions of the McDonald’s brand.

“These unprecedented times have only heightened the importance of innovation that fosters long-term security and sustainability,” says Marion Gross, McDonald’s North America chief supply chain officers.

“While health and safety in our restaurants is our top priority, we must also remain focused on creating positive change for our communities and the planet. This restaurant marks an important step in McDonald’s journey to reduce our carbon footprint and identify meaningful solutions in the fight against climate change.”

Last but not least, there are games at tables, where visitors – both young and old – can learn more about renewable energy.

Find out more about this innovative store at www.aih.org.au/maccas-florida


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