New education platform answers the needs of a changing world

Private education veteran and sponsor of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, ACS Distance Education,  has released its answer to the changing needs of the education market: a monthly subscription of $29.95 buys you unlimited access to a range of micro courses across a huge range of disciplines.

“Learnhowto” has everything from horticulture, agriculture, and business to environment and science covered… and most things in between!

Developed in response to a range of needs (professional development, ‘dip your toe in’, and personal interest), the courses have been developed by highly qualified education specialists who boast years of relevant industry experience. More courses are added each month.

It also has the corporate sector covered: businesses can pay a fee to offer all their employees’ professional development.

It is quick and easy to join, you can study when and where you like, cancel at any time, and even awards a ‘badge’ upon completion of every micro course. Each course takes 3-4 hour each or less to complete, and you are awarded a badge upon completion.

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What are “micro-credentials”, and why were they developed?

Micro-credentials are the new wave of education.

Fewer people are enrolling in degrees, diplomas, certificates and apprenticeships. Mainstream education is struggling to respond to the new landscape with most are simply doing more of what they’ve always been doing.

In reality though, these changes require a more profound response toward a pathway that allows each person to curate their own learning ‘playlist’. To help develop their ‘personal capital’ that will enable them to evolve and sustain a career/s across their lifetime in a fast-changing world.

Blended learning and micro-credentials provides an opportunity to customise learning and economise by taking into account demand, gathering shorter term, project-specific skills, specialist training, regional differences, minimise repeat or irrelevant learning, circumstances.

They are looking to increase their personal capital and differentiate themselves through blended learning and micro-credentials.

What is changing:

  1. Employers are increasingly more concerned about the passion and capability of an employee to do a job and are more likely to engage someone based on attitude and competence than on qualifications alone.
  2. Less qualified people today are often more job secure and earn more than the highest qualified people.
  3. Enrolments in micro credentialed courses are growing extremely fast, as enrolments in longer, mainstream qualifications are in steady decline.
  4. Though the job market is changing, corporations still want to attract the best staff and are increasingly offering career coaching, mentoring and professional development in salary packages.
  5. Many corporations are improving service to their clients by customising services which require agile, flexible employees who can pick up necessary skills ‘on the fly’.
  6. Soft Skills such as communication, problem-solving, and awareness have been identified as key areas many employers prioritise in their staff. More and more graduates are seeking out opportunities to develop non-technical skills

To find out more about the Learn How To range of micro-credentials, and how it all works, take a look:

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