The Real Value Of Our Registered Horticulturist Accreditation

Decision-makers look for brand marks to decide if a supplier will deliver the goods...

A buying decision could come down to whether or not they find an accredited brandmark such as the Registered Horticulturist symbol. Make the right decision….

Two of our current Registered Horticulturists, Adjunct Assoc Prof Andrew Prowse RH 026 and AIH Secretary Kim Morris RH 002, have a range of clients who operate substantial 4-5 star resorts (from the Australian tropics, to PNG and Western Pacific).

Their roles are in the design of tenders and contracts for the purposes of appointing maintenance contractors to substantial developments and properties.

Their work requires setting the specifications and Scope of Works for contractors and how to minimise maintenance costs in often tight budgets, while maintaining five-star excellence in the garden presentation of a large property.

They have been able to convince owners that having one or more Registered Horticulturists on the ground’s teams, amongst a number of pluses, gives better productivity, shows savings by having the job done properly once and expertise that comes with experience and training. These are now written into the specifications of the contracts.

Promoting the value of Registered Horticulturists at an owner or principal level can only help, value and promote accredited horticulture practitioners.

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