Registered Horticulturist


Per calendar year + $220 once-only upgrade fee. Incl GST

The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) has been representing and promoting the interests of horticulture practitioners for 60 years. These interests include the development of the Registered Horticulturist accreditation program.

The benefits of using a Registered Horticulturist (RH):

Brings highly skilled input.

A more confident project outcome.

A higher degree of competency and;

The backing of an international accreditation reassurance that an accredited professional is involved.

A Registered Horticulturist (RH) must:

Hold Professional and Indemnity Insurance.

Comply with a Code of Ethics.

Participate in the AIH Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Attend workshops and approved activities and events.

Achieve 24 CPD points in a two year period.

The CPD program is open to other professionals and members of affiliate organisations.


A Registered Horticulturist has:

A higher profile, recognition and acknowledgement of their skills at a local, national and international level.

AIH actively promotes Registered Horticulturists to be specified as a requirement of government and private sector projects.

CPD Logbook & Guideline Downloads


Registered Horticulturist Terms + Conditions

  • New RH applicants must meet the required qualifications and conditions of the Institute.
  • Existing Horticulturist Members are encouraged to upgrade their membership to RH.
  • RH applicants must provide documented professional experience and have current Public Liability Insurance of $5M and Professional Indemnity insurance of $1M (a Certificate of Currency will be required).  If you are an employee of an organisation you must provide a written statement that your employer holds the appropriate insurance cover.
  • AIH has negotiated for Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers to provide concessional premiums to AIH members. You may have your own provider however, you may wish to contact Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers for their best rate.
  • RH Members are entitled to use the post nominal RH 000 (each RH is provided with a registration number).
  • RH membership will be considered also where the applicant can provide evidence of working continuously in the industry for no less than eight (8) years.
  • Details of your experience will be required on the ‘Professional Experience’ form with your application.
  • All RH applications are required to provide a passport style ‘head shot’ photograph.