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Horticulturists – the voices for planetary health

The Australian Institute of Horticulture leads the profession of horticulture throughout Australia and through partnerships world-wide.

Since 1960 AIH has been promoting excellence in sustainable horticultural practices.

Through our advocacy, we promote the significant role that horticultural practices play in ensuring our community’s health and well being ….. as well as the health of our planet.

What is Horticulture?

The Horticulture industry, or often referred to as the Lifestyle, Ornamental or Amenity Horticulture Industry, is traditionally based around 7 key sectors that have common core horticultural skills and competencies.

The various sectors require specialist skills based upon specific vocational areas.  There is a significant impact from climate change that requires us to ensure our practices are environmentally sustainable.

It is recognised that all sectors of horticulture –

‘apply the art and science of the care and maintenance of plants’.

Those who apply these arts and sciences are referred to as ‘horticulturists‘.

Be part of a passionate horticultural community!

We’re all better off together.

AIH represents the interests, and supports professional development, of all horticulturists.

Irrespective of your standing within the horticultural field, whether you are at the outset of your career, possess extensive expertise, or simply enjoy the world of plants and gardens, rest assured, you are esteemed within our Institute’s community.

Our collective strength fosters mutual growth, community support and recognition as a leading profession promoting sustainable practices.

Our Objectives

Improving our environment through appropriate selection and use of plants.
Conserve Australian flora, fauna and habitats to enhance bio-diversity.
To identify and encourage sustainable horticultural practices.
To promote, within the world arena, the research and exchange of horticultural knowledge.
To cooperate with governments, scientific or other societies in matters related to horticultural knowledge and sustainable practices.
To advise. and promote horticultural education and continuous work-life learning.
To provide a framework for the promotion and encouragement of professional horticultural best practice whilst applying the AIH Code of Ethics..
To represent and advocate on behalf of professional and student horticulturists to government, industry and our communities.

Our Achievements

Establishment of the Registered Horticulturist certification scheme.
Establishment of the AIH Ethics Advisory Panel and governance standards.
Establishment of overseas partnerships and international accreditation.
International student network.
Expansion of member and industry recognition awards with introduction of Green Space awards.
Partnerships with Australian horticultural industry and education institutions and industry.
Published Invasive Plants Policy praised by internationally recognised peer group.
Supporting First Nation conservation projects