Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

The AIH is over 60 years old! This is a significant age for the only organisation that represents all sectors of horticulture in Australia. 

Our mission is to bring together the expertise within the horticulture sectors to provide a collective voice for advocacy on behalf of the industry.

AIH has a substantial membership base reaching 900 members that spans Australia and overseas. 

The AIH invites you to share our stated vision and support our purpose as a not-for-profit organisation operating in the horticulture industry.

Learn about the mutual benefits our partnership could make. 

Our partners have chosen to:
Support our wide-ranging industry-based activities.
Help us celebrate and recognise the achievers in the horticultural and allied industries …locally and internationally.
Support identified community or place-based programs.
Engage their staff members through corporate volunteering opportunities.
Support professional development programs across all horticultural sectors. 
Become full members as a business based Corporate membership of AIH. 
Establish agreements with like-minded not-for-profit associations through an alliance that supports the industry.
Institute reviewed accreditation in relation to professional recognition registration programs.

Benefits to your business through sponsorship 

Enhanced Reputation: 

Sponsorship and commitment to the professionalism of the horticulture industry demonstrates your company’s social responsibility and community involvement. Aligning with the AIH will help build trust and goodwill among your customers, employees, the horticulture industry and the community at large.

Brand Visibility: 

Choosing to sponsor AIH will provide opportunities for exposure of your products and/or services through various channels such as events, awards, our Registered Horticulturist recognition program, marketing and promotional materials, and our advanced online platform. The increased visibility will help raise your brand awareness and attract new customers or supporters.

Access to Target Audiences: 

AIH has a dedicated and engaged audience of over 700 members who share similar values and interests. We will provide access to our members allowing you to connect with potential customers or supporters who will be aligned with your services through your valued sponsorship of AIH.

Networking Opportunities: 

Your sponsorship of our events and/or programs will provide valuable networking opportunities for your business. AIH events bring together like-minded individuals and allied organisations, offering you a chance to connect with potential partners, clients, or collaborators.

Employee Engagement and Morale: 

Support for AIH will boost employee morale and engagement by demonstrating the company’s commitment to social causes. Your employees will show pride in a company that supports meaningful initiatives, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility: 

By supporting our principles relating to environmental sustainability, horticultural based education, continuing professional development and ethical business practices, your company will be demonstrating your commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Opportunities for Skills-Based Volunteering: 

In addition to financial sponsorship, your company may also provide support through skills-based volunteering. This will allow your employees to share their skills and knowledge with AIH members through various professional development activities. This aids AIH and your company to foster a sense of fulfillment and teamwork within both of our entities.

Importantly, sponsoring AIH provides a strategic and fulfilling manner in which your business may support our Institute purpose while also reaping various tangible and intangible benefits for your company.

A package tailored for you

You may develop a Platinum, Gold or Silver level sponsorship package with AIH through various formats, combinations of benefits and levels of value through: 

Financial – Direct support of AIH activities 
Joint projects – Sharing of costs 
Corporate Volunteering – Corporate volunteers bring skills, knowledge and labour to AIH activities.
In-kind – Goods or services for:
Philanthropy – Personal or trust donations 

We encourage you to contact The AIH President, Mr Alan Burnell on (61)407 458 142 for discussion and consideration of your sponsorship package 

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership provides your company and AIH the opportunity to showcase your organisation’s professionalism. This is a unique opportunity for horticulture,allied industries and education institutions to join with like-minded members to  enjoy the benefits of AIH. The AIH Committee may also consider any organisation that supports the objects and principles of the Institute.

By aligning with a trusted professional guild your membership will increase your company’s visibility and provide respected recognition with the company’s use of the AIH logo.

To read more or join please go to our Corporate Membership page, or contact the AIH President, Mr Alan Burnell on(61)407 458 142

Alliance Partnerships

AIH have developed a number of alliances with related industry associations. The benefits of an alliance provides opportunities to further the common interests of members of your association and AIH members. Agreement has been reached to work together, due to our shared interests and/or aims, for the benefit of the horticulture industry and its practitioners.  

To explore opportunities of an alliance contact the AIH President Mr Alan Burnell on (61)407 458 142

Accreditation Agreements

The primary purpose of an accreditation agreement is to recognise a  professional program that is based upon a reviewed and assessed scheme. AIH recognises that external accreditation of its programs, or other professional body’s  accreditation, is an important component of maintaining quality and sustainable horticultural practices.

The AIH Registered Horticulturist accreditation program provides opportunities for career development including industry specific learning to enhance the level of professionalism within our industry. AIH plan  to expand the program. We look to partners to further advance the recognition and acceptance of the program across government and industry. 

Since 2008, AIH has held MOAs with the government body, NParks Singapore, specifically for their Certified Practising Horticulturist program. An AIH select committee of education and industry leaders provide reviewed feedback of the Singapore based CPH program on a regular basis to the managers at CUGE Singapore. 

Accreditation agreements can only benefit our industry so we encourage you to contact The AIH President, Mr Alan Burnell on (61)407 458 142 for discussion and consideration of how we can work together for both our mutual benefit.