Registered Horticulturist

The Australian Institute of Horticulture is the only Australian horticultural professional body that manages a peer-reviewed certification program for the horticulture industry.

AIH actively promotes Registered Horticulturists to be specified as a requirement for government and private sector contracts.

The RH certification program is a necessary tool in the promotion & acknowledgement, to Governments and Institutions at all levels, of the true and quantifiable value of the professional horticulturist. 

The Standard

The Registered Horticulturist program recognises AIH members who are senior practising horticultural professionals in the field. Their skills, experience and reputation are highly regarded amongst their industry peers. The member holds a higher degree of competency and has the backing of an internationally recognised program.

Who are registered? 

The RH certification program assures accountability and commitment from those in our communities who: 

  • Have a direct role to oversee the supply of quality food 
  • Maintain the availability & quality of water
  • Manage natural resources & are accountable for the impacts upon our environment
  • Provide the essential amenity of green space
  • Play an integral role in managing the influences & impacts on climate change
  • Have a direct role in how we live, the food we eat & the manner in which we play. 

Who will benefit?

Public and private enterprises, clients, allied professions and trades, and the wider community, are encouraged to recognize that the Registered Horticulturist status is an assurance of up-to-date knowledge and skills. AIH ensures that the RH commits to continuing professional development through a mandatory audit process. 

The scope of the RH is to enhance and promote the social, environmental, economic and cultural accountabilities of the industry. Its impact and influence is in the doing – the skills and expertise that make an Horticulturist.