Nominations for the Australian Institute of Horticulture Honour Awards 2024

AIH Horticultural Honours Awards

The Australian Institute of Horticulture may present any of four elite Honour Awards each year. 

For Life member, The Golden Wattle and The Silver Gum awards members of the Fellows Group, the AIH Australian Council and senior AIH members are encouraged to contact the AIH Awards Manager Matt Mitchell on with suggestions. 

A thorough CV that covers the criteria may be requested by the AIH Australian Council for consideration. 

For Fellows nominations please contact the Chair of Fellows for a nomination form by emailing

Contact AIH Awards Manager Matt Mitchley on

Life Membership

 Our highest recognition for our senior members for services to the institute over no less than 20 years and have reached the age of 65 years.  Open to members who have represented AIH & significant industry service during the applicant’s membership, 

Can be nominated by the members of the Fellows Group,  the AIH Australian Council Honours Awards panel or senior members of AIH.

Contact Matt Mitchley, AIH Awards Manager on


To be elected as a Fellow the nominee must be a member of AIH and continue their membership after election.. The member’s commitment to AIH has been through participation in the active leadership, management, continuing support and/or development of AIH for a period of no less than 6 years. A nominee for Fellowship must have had an established career with at least ten years of professional experience post achievement of their qualifications required for AIH membership OR 10 years full-time experience as a senior horticulturist.

Nominations must be supported by 2 senior members of AIH and will be assessed by the Fellows Group, elected if accepted & conferred by the AIH Australian Council.

Contact the Chair of Fellows for further assistance on

The Golden Wattle 

The AIH Golden Wattle is an award of significance to an outstanding horticulturist. This is the highest award of industry recognition to be given to a horticulturist whose practice has advanced the profession of horticulture in Australia. The awardee may or may not be an AIH member.

The recipient’s traits and achievements must exhibit being a leader of the industry, has advanced the promotion of the profession of horticulture to The Australian public and elevated the industry through their activities, actions, publications and/or media. Their aims have been to clearly unify the industry and raise horticulture’s profile across the country. Preference will be given to those who have promoted Australian horticulture to the International market and fully committed to the horticulture industry through working with Government and/or other leading researchers to promote the benefits of horticulture such as planning, health benefits and social support.

Contact AIH Awards Manager Matt Mitchley on

The Silver Gum

The AIH Silver Gum is a significant and prestigious AIH Honours award. Criteria for the award may include recognition of the support of exemplary projects, work and promotion of horticulture advancement and application by an individual, company or not-for-profit organisation. The award may also be presented to an Immediate Past President . 

Contact AIH Awards Manager Matt Mitchley on