AIH 2019 Annual Awards

Every year, the Institute celebrates excellence in horticulture with diverse projects, experiences and people acknowledged and recognised for their achievements. In a year that has delivered major disruption across the world, it is timely that the Australian Institute of Horticulture celebrates these superb people and their projects.

September 29, 2019

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Golden Wattle Award

Costa Georgiadis


Matt Mitchley MAIH RH – Secretary, Michael Casey MAIH RH – President, Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Andrew Prowse MAIH RH – Treasurer, Alan Burnell MAIH RH – Vice-President

For commitment to and promotion of Australian Horticulture

The AIH Golden Wattle Award is an award of significance to an outstanding horticulturist. This is the highest award of institute recognition to be given to a horticulturist whose practice has advanced the profession of horticulture in Australia.

Citation: We recognise that Costa has given much more to horticulture than his employment requires. Many of us are also impressed with the wonderful work he does in networking with children of all ages where he excites an interest in the outdoors and gardening particularly in a world where many are living in increasingly urbanised communities. These are just a few things that the AIH appreciates and believes make him worthy of this great award. We are glad you are a member of our organisation and we look forward to your ongoing support in the many years ahead.

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Wayne Van Balen MAIH RH, Chris Poulton FAIH RH, Michael Casey MAIH RH

Silver Gum Award

Sponsored By Horticultural Training P/L

Wayne Van Balen


For commitment to and promotion of the Horticultural Industry.

The AIH Silver Gum is a significant and senior AIH award and is given in recognition of the support of exemplar projects, work and promotion of horticulture advancement and application.

Wayne has over 40 years in horticulture in the Sydney region working in industry associations. He is the principal of a successful and highly regarded landscape design, construction and maintenance company. Wayne’s company work is concerned with good horticultural practice has a focus on soil health and nutrition.

Horticulturist of the Year

Sponsored by Fitzpatrick Insurance

Phillip Johnson


Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Phil Johnson MAIH RH, Wayne Van Balen MAIH RH, Daniel Holmes – Fitzpatrick Insurance

The annual Award offers a unique opportunity to publicly recognise an outstanding AIH member. It is to be presented for their outstanding contribution to a horticultural project of merit, including horticulture education or horticulture media.

Phillip is a professional horticulturist, based in Melbourne, and winner of many prestigious awards including the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Winner of Best in Show for his, Trailfinder’s Australian Garden, and Gold Medal – Show Garden.

He is recognised as a pioneer in Australian sustainable landscapes in the residential and commercial sectors. His multi-award winning firm is known for its natural pool creations centred on the use of indigenous and native plants, water management, and the re-creation of thriving habitats. Another of his achievements is his award-winning book, “Connected: the sustainable landscapes of Phillip Johnson”.

Student of the Year

Coralie Stuart

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Coralie Stuart, Alan Burnell MAIH RH – Vice-President

This award goes to a Student/ recent Graduate who has achieved exemplary outcomes during their time as a student, and has shown that their contribution will benefit the Horticulture industry.

Coralie has been dedicated to her role as an apprentice Landscaper in Victoria and with “Interactive Landscapes” in Northern NSW. She has attained high standards in her work and achieves this whilst also being dedicated to her studies. Already she has made a significant contribution to Industry by participating and assisting in running AIH events in Northern NSW and in South East Queensland. Coralie also has a growing social media presence.

Kim Morris Student Award of Merit

Scott Burgess

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Scott Burgess, Andrew Prowse MAIH RH – Treasurer

For a student that displayed an exceptional merit and determination in their studies in horticulture. This award was created in memory of Kim in acknowledging that the continuation of the industry relies on forming pathways for future leaders of the profession.

Scott Burgess has been a trainee landscaper studying a Certificate III in Landscape Construction at Kurri Kurri TAFE. His employer, Tom Lantry FAIH has recommended him for the award due to his passion and dedication to both his work tasks and his studies.

Award of Excellence

Andrew Prowse + the late Kim Morris


Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Andrew Prowse MAIH RH – Treasurer, Chris Poulton FAIH RH. Not Pictured: the late Kim Morris FAIH RH

Project: Lutwyche War Cemetery Refurbishment

A recipient of an Award of Excellence has been a Member of the Institute for a continuous period of not less than four years and has demonstrated consistent achievement in a horticultural field.

The Lutwyche War Cemetery, in suburban Brisbane, is one of the 23,000 war cemeteries and memorials located across 150 countries established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to honour the 1.7 million Commonwealth servicemen and women who died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. AIH Registered Horticulturists Andrew Prowse and Kim Morris were engaged by the OAWG to prepare a new planting plan for the cemetery as part of an overall refurbishment.

Award of Merit

Roman Deguchi

Matt Mitchley MAIH RH, Roman Deguchi, Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH

Project: “5 Senses Garden” in Rhodes Park, Concord West.

Roman Deguchi and his staff and 70 volunteers at the Inner West Neighbour Aid (IWNA) have transformed 271 gardens in the last year.

He has worked in partnership with the City of Canada Bay to develop an inclusive ‘5 Senses Garden’ within Rhodes Park, Concord West. The Garden is designed to a be a place to bring the community together and to improve the health and well-being of the local community.

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Award of Merit

Clarence Slockee + Christian Hampson

Co-Directors at Yerrabingin

Clarence Slockee, Matt Mitchley MAIH RH, Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Christian Hampson

Project: Yerrabingin Indigenous Roof Top Food Garden.

The award is for the design and management of Australia’s first indigenous urban food production farm. This 500m2 roof garden was created on the rooftop of a Mirvac office in Sydney’s Eveleigh Industrial Park.

Award of Merit

Professor Mark Tjoelker

Matt Mitchley MAIH RH, Prof Mark Tjoelker, Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH

Project: Tree Stock Outreach Project.

Western Sydney University – Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

The project aimed to validate the 2015 tree stock standard and those early results showed that the scope of the 2015 standard was indeed too narrow.

It took the results of the modified 2018 standard to six capital cities and did an excellent job of engaging horticulturists, landscape designers and councils in using the new 2018 Standard to look for and choose compliant trees.

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Green Space Urban Award

Sponsored by Holdmark Developments builders

Exotic Nurseries and Landscaping

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Tony Takchi, David Hanna – Botanica Nurseries, Michael Casey MAIH RH – President

Project: Shepherds Bay, Meadow Bank NSW

Citation: The project is an inner-city apartment block that overlooks the Parramatta River. Extensive gardens and planter boxes have been built onto concrete surfaces to soften the density of the built environment. Landscape construction of the project has been ongoing for about three years.

Green Space Regional Award

Sponsored by Evergreen Infrastructure

QM Properties Pty Ltd

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Glen Challenor, Rob McIlroy, Michael Casey MAIH RH – President, David Hanna – Botanica Nurseries

Project: Dawn Andrews Park, Central Springs Estate QLD.

Constructed by QM Properties Pty Ltd. Landscape Architects, Saunders Havill Group

Dawn Andrews Park is located within QM communities’ Central Springs development in Caboolture and has been constructed in three stages.

It forms part of the green space network in the master planned Central Springs Estate which is being developed by the QM Group. The Park and lake provide important habitat for flora and fauna as well as extensive passive and active recreational opportunities for the Estate’s current and future residents.

Green Space International Award

Presented by John Tan MAIH on behalf of GWS Living Art.

GWS Living Art

osta Georgiadis MAIH RH, John Tan MAIH, David Hanna – Botanica Nurseries, Michael Casey MAIH RH – President

Project: Green wall installation

Statement of thanks by GWS Living Art: “Singapore is known as “The Garden City”, and it is with much pride that we do what we do – greening this urban city.

The strong green building presence and policy in Singapore has helped accelerate the sustainable drive in buildings and our world class airport is no exception.

For the Jewel vertical green wall, we sourced species from around the world because the airport is the gateway to these many countries. We are also proud of our own patented GWS green roof system and I look forward to getting the chance to work with some of your audience. Thank you again!”

Green Space Urban Award

Sponsored by Jungle Horticulture

Natural Area Consulting Management Services

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, David Hancock AAIH – Natural Area, Michael Casey MAIH RH – President

Project: Walters Brook Restoration Project

Banks Reserve is the only section of river frontage with recreational space available within the city of Vincent. 

The City decided to invest in permanent foreshore restoration works. Natural Area Consulting Management Services were contracted in early 2017 to design and implement the restoration of Walter’s Brook, a Water Corporation open drain which flows through Bank’s Reserve, Mt Lawley, to the Swan River.

Green Space Events & Engagement Award

Kings Park & Botanic Garden Authority

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Ms Lesley Hammersley, Grady Brand, Michael Casey MAIH RH

Project: Kings Park Festival 1st – 30th September
during the main Wildflower season in Western Australia.

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority is part of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

It was formed to promote biodiversity and conservation to enrich people’s lives through sustainable management of Western Australia’s species, ecosystems, lands and the attractions in the Department’s care. The festival’s promotion of Australian Native plants, especially those endemic to the region is significant horticulturally as it maintains Biodiversity.

Green Space Community Award

Community Engagement Office, City of Stirling

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Neville Passmore FAIH RH accepting the award on behalf of City of Sterling, Michael Casey MAIH RH

Project: Tree Tails

Citation: It was launched in 2018 as an initiative to shine a light on the often invisible benefits that our trees provide and the importance of daily connections to nature in our urban environment. 

A fresh approach on previous tree-based education programs, Tree Trail aims to introduce a touch of magic and engage the whole community in a fun, experiential activity. The trail attracted approximately 4,000 participants, 2,500 messages to the trees and excellent feedback from the community.

International Award of Merit

Jeverss Choo Jun Wei

Costa Georgiadis MAIH RH, Jeverss Choo Jun Wei, Jackie Warburton MAIH

Promotion of Horticulture & Industry Training

Jeverrs and his family’s company, Mao Sheng, is an award-winning company in Singapore specialising in landscape construction and maintenance, design and supply who hire approx. 500 staff.

The institute congratulates NParks on their consistent and innovative work for the environment, the livHis company specialises in maintenance and has won awards for their maintenance of the Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Park Royal on Pickering. Jeverss’ training of his horticulturists and the promotion of this industry is always at the forefront. He has appeared on many media channels promoting the industry and its benefits.eability of Singapore, and in raising awareness of the importance of horticulture in today’s world.

AIH Fellow

Patrick Regnault


Patrick Regnault FAIH RH

The members thank you and believe it is high time you joined our group of Fellows.

Patrick has served as a long term Regional Convenor.
He has been a National Councillor for several years.

He has served as mentor for many, including younger members, and students.

He has been a strong advocate for professionalism.

He gives freely of his time to the community and is not afraid to express his opinion for the benefit of professional horticulture.

He is a tireless contributor to social media.

Our long standing and proud Institute truly benefits from Patrick’s energy and personality.

AIH Fellow

Glenice Batchelor


Glenice Batchelor FAIH RH

The Members wish to acknowledge your ongoing contribution and honour you with a Fellowship.

Glenice is a Loyal member and Registered Horticulturist whose enthusiasm over many years has assisted in developing a true National profile for the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

Her involvement has been at a regional level centred around Perth and at a National Level by serving on the National Council.

She has actively encouraged AIH to support the Green Space Alliance in Western Australia which has been a great success and example to other states.

Award of Appreciation

Paul Plant


Chair of Fellows Group

Award of Appreciation

Neville Passmore


Neville Passmore FAIH RH, Jackie Warburton MAIH

Convenor of the 2019 AIH Conference

Lifetime Achievement Award

Marion Blackwell

Presented prior to the conference by Neville Passmore FAIH RH.

Marion Blackwell is a National Treasure and was awarded an Order of Australia in 2018. She is recognised for her work as an environmental Scientist, landscape architect and conservationist. Given the theme of our conference she is a very fitting recipient of this award. Her publications and reports cover a wide field of W.A. interests, especially local gardening and landscape projects as well as for major mining companies such as NBHP and Woodside Offshore Petroleum.