AIH 2021 Annual Awards

Whilst 2021 may have been a difficult year, the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) recognises the commitment, professionalism and excellence of those who have made a significant contribution to the horticultural industry.

AIH Award Nominations are now closed for 2022

Thank you for all of the nominations for our awards night 2022. We are currently finalising all of these awards and look forward to announcing the winners at our awards evening on Friday 28th of October in Melbourne at Rose Street Markets.

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October 22, 2021

This year we received a great number of nominations with many coming from outside of our membership base which highlights to us the many projects going on around Australia and Singapore that people feel should be acknowledged and recognised. The AIH wishes to congratulate all nominees and recipients of awards for 2021 and wish everyone the best for their projects and future endeavours.

Michael Casey MAIH RH, National President


Golden Wattle Award

Sponsored By AIH Gold Sponsors Fitzpatrick Insurance

Jonathan Garner


Golden Wattle award winner Jonathan Garner FAIH RH with Costa and Michael Casey MAIH RH.

For Commitment, Versatility & Dedication to Horticulture

Jonathan has been a proud member and passionately knowledgeable horticulturist and a wonderful contributor to the Institute and the industry. Sydney horticulturist, gardening consultant and designer Jonathan Garner is recognized as one of Australia’s most skilled horticulturists and versatile garden designers.

Jonathan’s more than 20 years of horticultural experience began with his studies at the Ryde School of Horticulture while simultaneously apprenticing to one of Sydney’s most respected landscape gardeners.

Moving to England after graduation, Jonathan honed his horticultural skills by working as head gardener on a private estate. His studies at Merrist Wood College also provided him with the experience of involvement in two Chelsea flower shows and RHS Wisley Gardens.

Silver Gum Award – Greg Bourke (Image Credit: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney)

Silver Gum Award

Sponsored by AIH Silver Sponsor Altum Property Group

Greg Bourke

For Promotion and Contribution to Horticulture.

Greg joined the team at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in 2011 and has been the Curator Manager since 2013. In this role, he is responsible for a team of horticulturalists, front line staff, casuals and volunteers and oversees 252 hectares of exquisite garden.

Jonathan’s more than 20 years of horticultural experience began with his studies at the Ryde School of Horticulture while simultaneously apprenticing to one of Sydney’s most respected landscape gardeners.

Moving to England after graduation, Jonathan honed his horticultural skills by working as head gardener on a private estate. His studies at Merrist Wood College also provided him with the experience of involvement in two Chelsea flower shows and RHS Wisley Gardens.

Horticulturist of the Year

Sponsored by AIH Gold Sponsor Botanica Nurseries

Tammy Huynh


Michael Casey MAIH RH and Horticulturist of the Year 2021 Tammy Huynh MAIH RH

AIH considers Tammy Huynh’s contribution to our industry to be outstanding, especially her role in highlighting, supporting, and promoting horticulture through her successful business and media interests. Tammy has been an excellent contributor to the horticultural sector over her career and has provided a diverse range of expertise and services to consumer horticulturists and enthusiasts in Sydney.

Tammy has a degree in horticultural science, a diploma in landscape design and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry, with her career beginning as the Assistant Gardening Editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine and most recently, as the Consumer Experience Team Leader at Yates. She was even featured in the industry’s Plant/Life Balance campaign.

Her philosophy is simple:  To impart a little bit of greenery to everyone’s life. To make a mark; to ‘leaf an impression’.

Student of the Year

Sponsored By The AIH Fellows

Lucy Anne McClymont

Student of the Year 2021 – Lucy Anne McClymont. (Image Lucy Anne McClymont)

In Recognition of Her Horticultural Studies in Australia and the United Kingdom

The Australian Institute of Horticulture congratulates Lucy Anne McClymont on her studies and her efforts in raising awareness of the importance of horticulture in today’s world.

Lucy’s commitment to her studies has led her to a botanical internship in Kew Garden UK (2015), and an internship with the Australian National Herbarium in 2020. We look forward to Lucy’s future in horticulture and with AIH.

Award of Excellence

Sponsored by Terra Solarus

David Ting


David Ting MAIH RH accepts his award for work on the Galston water garden

For the Galston Water Garden and the pursuit of excellence in horticulture

David is a loyal and committed Member of Australian Institute of Horticulture and passionate in the ongoing promotion of horticulture. He is an experienced Horticulturist with strong plant knowledge and beautifully combines both of these skills into his very successful water gardens.

His Galston Water Garden project encompasses expert horticultural knowledge, a trained eye in design and an ability to create a tranquil location for the owners and all that use this space.

Award of Merit

Sponsored by Alan Burnell MAIH RH0122 Horticultural Consultant

Kate Wall

Award of Merit – Kate Wall (Image Credit:

‘Working With Weeds’ – A Book Changing Our Concept of Weeds

Weeds have something to teach us. They can make us better gardeners, better environmental custodians, and they can make us healthier. All we have to do is to look at them a little differently. Kate Wall teaches us how to do just that in this insightful book. Kate helps us learn to read the weeds, how to use the weeds, and how to garden without weeds.

The Australian Institute of Horticulture congratulates you Kate on this very insightful and educating book on weed management.

Award of Merit

Sponsored By Andrew Prowse MAIH RH Landscape Architects

Wendy Whiteley


Award of Merit – Wendy Whiteley OAM (Image credit:

& the Lavender Bay Precinct Volunteer Gardeners. A Living Art in a Landscape

This beautiful garden created in Lavender Bay Sydney was designed and built by Wendy along with volunteers after the death of her husband Brett.

Rather than being horticulturally inspired, Wendy’s gardening was driven by aesthetics, colour, form, beauty and whimsy. The effort, energy and costs that Wendy Whitely has put into the development of this public resource is a commendable and sublime example of the therapeutic value of horticulture and gardening in overcoming grief and sorrow. It is an exemplary project of community spirit and commemoration.

Green Space Urban Awards

Sponsored by LA3 Landscape Architects and The Designer Garden Co.

Mooloolaba Foreshore Development

Green Space Urban Award – Mooloolaba Foreshore Development (Image Sunshine Coast Council)

Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Murphy Builders along with Consulting Arborist/Horticulturist – Arboractive / David Hawthorne MAIH RH

This is a signature project for Mooloolaba and Alexandra Headlands and has preserved the iconic Norfolk Pines which skirt as sentinels, the shire foreshore from Caloundra in the south to Coolum in the north.

This is primarily a Community Well-Being project which will deliver new pathways links, a boardwalk unlocking new open space areas whilst promoting active transport and community movement enabling social distancing and improved community health.

David Hawthorne of Arboractive, worked closely with Council professionals to manage and protect these Iconic Norfolk pines and native vegetation within the site during the construction period. Council and Murphy builders have been proactive with the protection of all native vegetation as all works within nominated Tree Protection Zones has been overseen by Arboractive to ensure the best outcome.

The project has even been featured on the Sunshine Coast News!

Green Space Regional Award

Sponsored By Interactive Landscapes

The North East Bioregional Network

Green Space Regional Award – The Northeast Bioregional Network (Image NEBN)

Restoring Nature and Communities – Tasmania

The North East Bioregional Network (NEBN) is a non- profit community-based incorporated association dedicated to the protection, maintenance, and restoration of the natural environment on the East Coast of Tasmania.

The group was established in 2002. NEBR undertakes a wide range of activities in support of ecological goals including ecological restoration. The impacts of this work are impressive in terms of preserving, reclaiming and conserving previously degraded landscapes back to verdant healthy eco-systems. 

In 2021 Highways and Byways Ltd, a charity supporting disadvantaged communities in rural Australia, partnered with NEBR to run a 20-week eco-restoration program employing four previous unemployed local community members. The program was titled Restoring Nature and Communities.

Green Space Residential Award

Sponsored by MJC Horticulture Pty Ltd.

The Greenwall Company

Green Space Residential Award – The Greenwall Company (Image The Greenwall Company)

1 Markham Close Mosman NSW

When the house was built this garden started with no soil and a sandstone base. Starting at the nature strip the media is the depth of the kerb over sandstone, in fact 200 mls is the average soil depth over the entire block. There are 6 large podium planters (one contains a 12,000 litre wetland and pond over the garage).

It has greenwalls and greenroofs, rock (lithophytic) and tree plantings (epiphytic). It takes into account amenity, aspect, cultural requirements, view lines and the needs of a family and two boys who need to understand about vegetable gardens, chickens, fish tadpoles etc.

It houses a collection of plants, either self grown, collected or received. The front has a nature strip of native grasses and sedges that are cut annually, and the three frontplanter beds (over rock) have a mainly native planting to blend with the adjacent bushland. There are 140 plant species in the greenwall and 240 species on the roof, so quite a biodiverse planting as well.

AIH International Award of Merit

Sponsored by AIH

Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd

AIH International Award of Merit – Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd – Park Royal Collection Pickering (Image credit: Pagoda)

Maintaining the ParkRoyal Collection Pickering Hotel, Singapore

The successful landscape maintenance of this iconic project has cared for and continued the original design intent of this iconic project.

The team at Mao Sheng have applied expert horticultural management and maintenance to this garden and the results speak for themselves.

Green Space International Award

Sponsored By Spade Lawn Care & Gardens

Edible Garden City

Green Space International Award – Edible Garden City – Funan Urban Farm, Singapore (Image Edible Garden City)

The Funan Urban Farm, Singapore

Launched in June 2019, it is one of the few urban farms in Singapore open to the public, and the first urban farm to be designed into a Singapore shopping mall from the onset.

It is heralded as an example of how farming can be seamlessly integrated into city living, and envisioned as a blueprint for future developments, especially in the context of Singapore’s push to grow 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030.

Besides its purpose as a productive edible garden that is lush and aesthetic (by virtue of it being part of the mall landscaping), the Funan Urban Farm has also been activated into a community space for gardeners of all walks of life. With the goal of building an inclusive, healing garden, we welcome volunteers from all walks of life and hire from marginalised communities, engaging them in elements of therapeutic horticulture in the garden.

Green Space International Award

Sponsored by Evergreen Infrastructure

Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd

Green Space International Award – Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd – Keppel East Desalination Plant (Image credit:

Keppel East Desalination Plant – Singapore

Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant, is a vital national water-sufficiency infrastructure project that features a lush green rooftop to serve as a communal space and pitstop in Singapore’s Park Connector Network.

The architecture and landscape design went against the traditional industrial look of preceding desalination plants, featuring a 20,000 sqm open green space atop an oval rooftop that serves as an observation deck for the underground treatment facilities. 

The green roof reduces energy costs by absorbing heat and providing natural insulation for buildings. Not only that, it can reduce and slow down stormwater runoff while filtering pollutants from rainfall. As the rooftop is designed to safely accommodate up to 500 people, citizens are welcome to use the space for recreational activities such as weekend picnics or indulging in panoramic sunset views.

Green Space Events & Engagement Award

Sponsored By Van Balen Horticultural

Collectors’ Plant Fair

Dan Wheatley from the Collectors Plant Fair with Costa.

Collectors’ Plant Fair launched in 2005 and has grown to be the largest plant fair in Australia. The fair quickly outgrew its first home in the grounds of founder Peta Trehar’s property in Bilpin. For the past seven years the event has been held at the Hawkesbury Race Club in Clarendon, allowing more specialist nurseries to showcase their plants, and more gardeners to find them.

In 2015 Collectors’ said a fond farewell to its founders Peta and Peter Trahar, and Beth Stokes. After a decade of sterling effort in building the Fair, the trio passed the baton and the responsibility for its future on to two plant lovers determined to uphold the integrity, passion and generous spirit of the Fair, and enable it to continue as Australia’s treasured garden event. 

Linda Ross (B.LArch, Hort) and Daniel Wheatley (M.Eng.Mgt) have taken the tiller to steer the plant fair into the future. They have an unflagging enthusiasm for plants, plant growers, gardeners and gardening in general.

Green Space Commendation Award

Sponsored By Andreasens Green


Prospect St Grange Residential Project

The project at Prospect St The Grange was a challenge from start to finish, the property is located high on a east facing hill sloping from front to back with approximately 4m of fall across the site. Stage 1 involved extensive demolition of existing garden excluding the existing pool and several of the clients favourite plants and trees, access was always an issue and a challenge to be overcome.

Once the site was brought back to a blank canvas, we could start to implement the Landscape Architects vision of a modern functional garden/living space which could be used for outdoor entertaining and a area where the client could indulge her passion for gardening. Random bluestone paving was used for the pathways, stairs and outdoor areas. Formed concrete was used to the create a curved seat around the sunken fire pit and a large bench for the outdoor kitchen. Blue stone boulders were used to retain the planted banks while bluestone steppers linked the different areas of the garden. Bespoke steel handrails added a point of interest on the curved stairs and along deck area.

Wilson Architects spent a lot of time ensuring the plant palate matched both the style of the house and clients tastes. Extensive garden lighting also allow the garden to be enjoyed and highlighted at night. The fully automated irrigation system has ensured the garden is easily maintained and always looking its best.

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