Continuing Professional Development



The Institute’s requirements in relation to CPD are set out in its RH accreditation policy and its guidelines for CPD, published at www.aih.org.au/publications

The Institute expects Registered Horticulturists to be familiar with and meet the CPD requirements as set out in those documents.

Under the policy, as an Registered Horticulturists you must:

  • Gain a total of 24 CPD points over a two year period to maintain your registration.
  • Maintain your Professional Indemnity
  • Attend three AIH Workshops or seminars or other approved industry events in the first two year period following
  • Attend, subscribe or take part in other related AIH approved activities.
  • Carry-over any points above the 24 CPD points in any one 2 year reporting period to the following
  • Maintain this Logbook of your CPD activities.
  • Make available this Logbook that it may be audited by AIH at any time with 30 days
  • Pay an annual RH accreditation fee each membership renewal date.

CPD undertaken by Horticulturists should be consistent with the ethics and principals set out in the various policies and codes published by the Institute. In planning your schedule of activities each two year period you should consider and record information that addresses your needs:

  • What learning have you identified to meet your future professional needs?
  • Will the activity meet your learning need?
  • Will the activity contribute to the maintenance and development of your competencies and practices?
  • Will the activity provide better outcomes for your clients?
  • Will the activity contribute to meeting your Social, Environmental, Economic and Cultural accountability?

What opportunities or motivation for further education or learning could the activity create for you?

Learning occurs through a wide variety of formal and informal activities.

To support an RH program AIH have implemented a CPD Continuing Professional Development calendar of workshops, events and activities.

Other industry events will also be recognised by AIH.

It is recommended that these activities contribute to your CPD plan.

Formal learning activities are activities that contribute to the maintenance and development of competencies and practices.

Formal learning activities may refer to:

  • Tertiary and other accredited
  • Distance education competencies and online learning (should include an examination or assessment component).
  • Undertaking research and presentation of work (for example papers for publication, major conference posters, and official submissions).
  • Making horticultural related presentations (for example research presentations, poster presentations, lectures, seminar presentations).

Informal and incidental learning CPD activities may refer to:

  • Attendances at conferences, forums, seminars and
  • Self-study through reference materials, journals, subscriptions
  • Case discussion with other professionals/colleagues
  • Attendance at field trips, study tours, involvement in horticultural media events
  • Industry representation
  • Quality assurance activities such as practice accreditation
  • Informal Research
  • Supervision and or mentoring of apprentices, students or new or young practitioners.
  • Peer review groups

(including but not limited to):

  • Receipts
  • Overview of event
  • Brochure
  • Enrolment
  • Statement of Attainment or Qualification Certificate
  • Photographs / graphics

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