Karen Smith Award

Congratulations Karen Smith

AIH member and Hort Journal Editor, Karen Smith, has been awarded the Edward and Mary Bunker Award by the International Plant Propagation Society (IPPS).

Karen received the award at Australia’s 52nd IPPS conference, which was held in Ballina, New South Wales.

The award recognises an outstanding contribution from someone who has demonstrated the IPPS motto ‘To Seek and to Share’ for the betterment of the industry at large. It is not given each year but is presented on merit to an IPPS member or non-member. Karen said it was an honour to receive the Edward and Mary Bunker award.

“Edward was instrumental in starting this organisation for growers all over Australia and served as the first president nationally and was also president internationally,” said Karen.

The award includes a personal trophy, handmade from Australian sassafras tree (Artherasperma moschatum), and a perpetual trophy, a gavel, which is symbolic of the unity of IPPS as a truly international society.

“The perpetual trophy was made by another industry stalwart Peter Waugh using several different Australian timbers. Even the box it is stored in is handmade.

“This is very special indeed,” said Karen. “My thanks comes from the bottom of my heart, to be recognised in this way.”

This year’s conference was titled ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’. Spread over three days, it featured speakers including HMAA member John Daly, a day of production nursery tours, a gala dinner and awards presentation. The conference next year will be held in Cairns. Read more about this year’s conference in the next issue (July) of Hort Journal Australia.

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