Green Is The New Black!

Vegepod has noted that of all 11 years of operation they have never witnessed such a marked rise in edible gardening as compared to the last two years. This has clearly reflected the boom across the entire horticulture industry since COVID19 first struck, but edible gardening in particular has seemed to have climbed to new ‘trendy’ heights due to its appeal on a few levels beyond ornamental gardens.

So much so that even popular celebs and esteemed Australians have jumped on the grow-your-food trend and have been brandishing themselves in the media using edible gardens like Vegepods.

The rise of therapeutic horticulture since covid’s enforced ‘health check’ on all citizens has meant wellness is now seen through a more holistic lens, including aspects such as mental health, emotional health, physical health and social / spiritual meaning. This has all culminated in a new-found consumer intention for sustainable action, self-sufficiency, organic living, family bonding and healthy eating from within one’s own home.

Vegepod reports seeing a 200% increase sales over the last two years whilst meeting the new demand for the trend.  Vegepod’s Head of Community and co-founder, Simon Holloway, says “Thanks to contained edible garden beds like Vegepod, these days anyone can grow their own food no matter the space, ability or background.  Despite a crowded market and information overload around wellness, edible gardening is finally a ‘wellness trend’ that absolutely anybody and everybody can have access to and enjoy ..and it’s a meaningful one!”

Simon also noted an interesting interaction with a journalist from a major national paper asked during the thick of the initial outbreak. He said “The lady asked me if Vegepod and the hort industry as a whole felt guilty about having some success during such troubling times for others. I was taken aback by the ridiculous question at first but then proceeded to respond by saying I found that offensive and it’s not the case at all. On the contrary, if there was one wholesome trend and industry for individuals, society and the entire planet that did deserve a shot in the arm – then it was (edible) gardening!” (Note, that particular question and answer was not published in the final article!).

So Vegepod says they salute all and sundry who have taken up edible gardening in the last two years and who are proudly showing those activities off!