Grow Shade Wise with AIH at the MIFGS

2023 saw over one hundred thousand people converge into Carlton Gardens to view and celebrate the 26th Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS). This year AIH is putting together an exhibition garden titled ‘Grow Shade Wise’ with the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

Building and designing the ‘Grow Shade Wise’ garden is at the forefront of this AIH exhibition garden showcasing the latest ‘green’ trends in shade-centric garden design. Our mission is to enlighten visitors to the display garden about the critical role of designing green spaces for urban cooling and enhancing environmental sustainability.

It’s more than just planting trees for shade; it’s about strategically planting the right trees and building sustainable structures to provide a better tomorrow for generations to come that incorporate shaded areas to work or socialise and playgrounds for our children to play in.

Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world due to our high UV exposure. Quality shade can reduce UV exposure by up to 75 percent, the need to do more it’s always at the forefront of any environmental discussion on future planning.

Green walls, roof top gardens and urban horticulture can contribute to urban cooling and help to reduce the use of fossil fuels to cool buildings, enhance air quality, alleviate the urban heat, and promote biodiversity.

The team at AIH sees MIFGS as the ideal platform to connect with Australians to inspire them to embrace horticulture and recognise it as a powerful tool in the fight to improve overall quality of life without compromising the environment in the process.

AIH will also highlight the many and varied career prospects of those entering the horticultural industry with industry professionals from education and employment organisations on hand to answer questions at the display.

We hope you can join us 20 – 24th March at the Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Victoria.

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Sponsors & Supporters of the Grow Shade Wise with AIH  Exhibition Garden

  • Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers – Australia
  • TLCC (The Landscape Construction Company)– QLD
  • Evergreen Infrastructure – Victoria & Southeast Asia
  • The Greenwall Company – NSW
  • ACS Distance Education – Australia & International
  • GLG (Green Life Group) – SA & Australia
  • Remarkable Trees – VIC
  • Biemond Nurseries – VIC
  • Hort People – QLD & Australia
  • Shapescaper – VIC
  • Botanica Nurseries – NSW
  • The Link – NSW
  • Bloom Box Products – VIC
  • ShadeSmart Working Group – NSW